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OTW Visuals and EO Camera

OTW Visuals and EO Camera

Raising the bar for rich, extraordinary 3D scenes, Presagis visualization software is used to achieve the highest levels of realism.

Raising the bar for visually rich, immersive 3D scenes, Presagis visualization software is designed to achieve the highest levels of realism.

From visualization software to image generators, simulation developers and integrators are always reaching for higher quality visuals at a lower cost. Presagis tools offer the ability to create stunning 3D scenes for any visualization or training application.

Vega Prime is a comprehensive visualization toolkit that not only lets you create and deploy game-quality visuals and sensor views, but allows you to scale and extend the application to navigate high-density scenes across wide geographic areas in real-time.

Our visualization products continue to be the industry’s most effective off-the-shelf development tools for the real-time 3D deployment of land, air, and sea-based simulation applications.

  • V5D for Unreal plugin enables Unreal Engine users to build simulation applications on large geospatial digital twins by rendering commonly available geospatial formats and integrating with 3rd party simulation tools.
  • Vega Prime is a complete 3D visualization software toolkit designed for training and simulation realism.
  • Panorama: Turnkey Image Generator solution with field-proven performance and speed.