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ARINC 661 Part 2 Development

ARINC 661 Part 2 Development

Develop ARINC 661 Part2 interactive, real-time graphical embedded HMI displays


ARINC 661 Part 1 has been used for HMI development for many years and defines widget interfaces and protocol to interact with these widgets. The ARINC 661 Part 1 standard does not provide the Look and Feel and is implementation specific.

ARINC 661 Part 2 allows the definition of the look and feel of graphical items in a standard way. A standard syntax allows the creation of graphical appearance and behaviour for the HMI. Using a component based approach new HMI items can be created from one or many components. Logic and data connection for these components is modelled within the standard so provides a complete look and feel

VAPS XT ARINC 661 Part 2

Presagis offers VAPS XT, a model-based development tool that includes automatic code generation functionality. VAPS XT was the perfect starting point to support the new standard as an object orientated approach to development and modelling which matches the ARINC 661 Part 2 standard.
Building on the core VAPS XT functional development environment the ARINC 661 Part 2 Module consists of an updated editor, ARINC 661 Part 2 Components and Primitives and updated execution engine to match the ARINC 661 Part 2 standard. With support of loading and saving the industry standard format XML files in addition to the Presagis file formats. The approach used allows the modelled design to be shared across different teams in order to obtain feedback from all stakeholders and maintain design consistency. Automatic Code Generation ensures that any changes needed can be implemented and re-tested in the shortest amount of time possible, without having to hand-code every time.

VAPS XT ARINC 661 Part 2 tools allows users to build models without need to understand the ARINC 661 Part 2 XML file formats in high level design environment.

  • Creation of Part 2 models compliant to specification
  • Provided with library of Part 2 Primitives, Interfaces and components
  • Execution of model within WYSIWYG editor
  • Code generation of Model for Desktop and Embedded System
  • Connection to 3rd Party tools (DOORS, Mathworks Simulink)

VAPS XT ARINC 661 Part 2 Architecture

Services and Support

Presagis' flagship product VAPS XT is the ideal solution for projects involving ARINC 661Part 2, and we are committed to providing software that allows avionics display designers and developers an easy and cost-effective environment to meet this emerging avionics standard.

ARINC 661 Part 2 is a new HMI approach to the industry. Using an object oriented component based design approach which differs to many previous modelling approaches found in other tools. If you are new to the standard, Presagis ARINC 661 experts can help you develop your displays in conformance with the ARINC 661 Part 2 standard. With direct access to resources that helped define the standard you will be able to navigate through the steps to realise your design quickly and effectively.