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Graphical Interface Development Services

Graphical Interface Development Services

Reduce Development Costs & Improve your Time to Market

ARINC 661 Services & Support

Presagis' flagship product VAPS XT is the ideal solution for projects involving ARINC 661 compliance, and we are committed to providing software that allows embedded avionics display designers and developers to easily and cost-effectively meet this emerging avionics standard.

ARINC 661 is a very specialized field in HMI development. If you are new to the standard, Presagis ARINC 661 experts can help you develop your displays in conformance with the ARINC 661 standard. Presagis technical services can help you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Define ARINC 661 widgets
  • Create extended widgets based on the ARINC 661 standard
  • Build your own ARINC 661 widget library with your own look and feel
  • Layout ARINC 661 widgets to create HMI applications to be used by the Cockpit Display System (CDS)
  • Develop and optimize the Cockpit Display System (CDS) and User Application (UA)
  • To implement the data connection between input and output objects
HMI Model Creation

Hire a consultant to develop VAPS XT objects, widgets or other HMI models. Presagis Technical Services is the ideal solution for extending or complementing your existing modeling team for the development of objects, widgets, formats, and more. This technical service is ideal if:

  • You are under time constraints and need additional manpower
  • You need specific modeling expertise, for example, ARINC 661 widgets
  • You need to diagnose and address potential performance issues with your current application
  • You need either OpenGL or non-OpenGL graphics

Using such latest generation COTS tools as VAPS XT, Presagis can help you to develop realistic graphics for many applications, including:

  • Safety-critical embedded systems
  • Lab and/or test & evaluation systems
  • Simulation and training systems
  • Aerospace or automotive industry-specific applications

Leveraging Presagis technical resources helps you to develop highly detailed and photo-realistic graphics for your next project.

VAPS to VAPS XT Migration

Migrate VAPS HMI models to VAPS XT. Presagis provides a free VAPS to VAPS XT converter to migrate legacy VAPS files to VAPS XT.

Presagis technical services are available to complement this converter to help with:

  • Large-scale HMI model migration
  • VAPS to VAPS XT port migration

Our experts can help with the migration of the VAPS meta files to VAPS XT XML format and also help to optimize the HMI model in its new object-oriented development environment in order to benefit from the full power of the VAPS XT tool. Presagis consultants will tailor the HMI model and/or VAPS XT port to optimize the application in order to reach optimal performance.