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VAPS XT Offers HMI designers, systems engineers, and embedded engineers maximum control and flexibility for creating interactive real-time graphical displays.

Developing HMIs for safety- and mission-critical avionics and embedded displays only gets more demanding. VAPS XT offers HMI designers, systems engineers, and embedded engineers maximum control and flexibility for creating interactive real-time graphical displays for avionics and other safety-critical embedded applications.

With an open architecture and integrated logic capabilities, VAPS XT provides the essential features for the design and deployment of certifiable cockpit displays. VAPS XT provides a model-based environment supporting all phases of development from initial concept to embedded deployment. Through a flexible porting structure, VAPS XT applications can be easily deployed to virtually any embedded target with excellent performance.

VAPS XT is a complete, object-oriented C++ avionics software development tool for all types of avionics cockpit displays, including ARINC 661. It provides qualifiable code generation for rapid development of DO-178C certifiable software.

VAPS XT offers innovating key functionality including multi-touch and gesture support, an enhanced deployment environment, a performance monitor to simplify debugging, and a framework for more quickly integrating digital maps into displays.

VAPS XT is ideal for the design of all types of embedded display graphics ranging from digital and analog instrumentation to next-generation menu-based displays. With its open and extensible object-oriented architecture, VAPS XT offers unparalleled control and flexibility in the design of dynamic, interactive, real-time human-machine-interfaces (HMIs). The product has been created by HMI tool experts with years of industry expertise and has been developed through close consultation with tier-1 embedded manufacturers.

Used worldwide, VAPS XT is the only embedded graphics tool that allows users to define both object appearance and display logic in one easy graphical editor. Working together and using the automatic code generator CodeNGen – developers and Human Factors Experts can define the look and feel of an object or group of objects, assign behavior, and subsequently generate a stand-alone executable of their applications. Through a flexible porting approach, VAPS XT applications can be easily deployed to virtually any embedded target with excellent performance.

Presagis VAPS XT
Key Features
Multi-touch and gesture development framework
  • The multi-touch and gesture based development framework. Formulated through close collaboration with major airframe manufacturers.
  • Boost your productivity: Quickly build and test new cockpit interactions and reduce the need for redesign in the later development stages
  • Rapid start-up with a library of pre-defined gestures for users to apply to a design. It drastically reduces the amount of hand coding required and It includes standard gestures, such as swipe, tap, zoom, pinch, and more
  • Easily add custom coded gestures which will appear in the library
  • Supports up to 10 multi-point inputs and makes use of gesture recognizers from the palette
  • Complete platform independence: Deploy to multiple platforms including tablets, phones, desktop PC's, and embedded platforms.
Deploy your applications on more platforms
  • Quickly demo and prototype applications on different platforms: Port to commonly used environments out of the box, including Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • Modular porting layer maximizes re-use of code across different embedded hardware platforms, which cuts recertification stress and effort.
  • Faster and easier to mix and match graphics hardware, operating system, or drivers with much less coding
  • Test in the early development stages on the hardware platforms that are being evaluated for use on an aircraft
  • Easily validate the functionality of the new porting environment with included sample ports with basic functionality provided for Raspberry Pi and Android.
Quickly identify bottlenecks early in the development phase
  • Quickly and easily identify processes that are consuming excessive or unexpected resources
  • Visually profile applications as they run to identify performance problems faster and earlier
  • Optimize your application design based on real-time process data
  • Supports early development phase performance optimization with or without access to target hardware.
Fast, simple integration of mapping software
  • Integrate maps quickly into a display using a standard method to add new mapping applications
  • Full control over map location, area, layer types, and draw order
  • Easy setup and configuration with a common editor for all mapping engines
  • Easily add your own mapping engine.
  • Includes sample integration for licensed users of General Dynamics SoftMap
  • Save time: no design rebuild required in order to support different mapping engines.
ARINC 661 Support

In this next generation release, Presagis enhances its support for ARINC 661 with more built-in widgets and infrastructure elements specific to ARINC 661 standards, in order to provide a complete ARINC 661 Cockpit Display System (CDS) Development Solution. New features include:

  • Generate CDS and Widget Library for Windows or Embedded Platorms
  • Integration with ARINC 661 UA Accelerator and UA Emulator
  • Create Binary DFs and Layers within Editor
  • Extensive Widget Library supplied
  • Rapid ARINC 661 widget creation
  • Style Sets support
  • SuperLayer
  • Picture Support
  • Entry Validation
  • Layer Instantiation
  • Text Editing Enhancement
  • Fixed Point Enhancement
  • Shape Styling
  • Angular Linear Replicate
Usability Enhancement Features

The release also incorporates many general usability enhancements to the development environment in order to improve user workflow and productivity. Enhancements and features include:

  • Installation
  • Fonts
  • More Graphical Primitives
  • Action Language
  • Cursor Support
  • Picture Support
  • Sparse Array Support
  • Pop-Up support
  • Built table elements support
  • Rotation and Translation of Built Objects
  • Auto-completion
  • Data type compatibility check
  • Large Project Loading
Comprehensive Toolset

Integrated UML State-Chart Editor
Define object appearance and logic using a single tool.

Multi-touch and Gesture Development Framework
A platform-independent development framework for quickly creating and testing gestures and other concepts.

ARINC 661 Support
ARINC 661 widget creation, with many commonly used widgets provided out of the box.

Path for DO-178C Certification
DO-178C qualifiable using the VAPS XT-178 package

Automatic Code Generation of Executables
Generate stand-alone executables of your designs and port them to multiple platforms including tablets, phones, desktop PC's, and share them with colleagues, customers, or management.

Record and Playback
Use record and playback to record user interactions with a display or to create stand alone animated presentations.

Wide OpenGL Support
Supports OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL SC.

Port to Any Embedded Target
VAPS XT can be ported to and highly optimized for virtually any embedded target, including custom platforms, making it the complete solution for all embedded computing needs.

Live Video Suppport

VAPS XT editor enables the integration of live video support through its Video Object.

Live Video Suppport
Experts Helping Experts

Experts Helping Experts

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