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The world’s first COTS object-oriented DO-178C qualified HMI tool with DAL A certification support.


The world’s first COTS object-oriented DO-178C qualified HMI tool, VAPS XT-178 is a safety-critical software package for creating embedded display graphics for avionics projects intended for RTCA DO-178C certification. VAPS XT 178 supports certification up to DO178C DAL A.

VAPS XT-178 retains the core features of the popular object oriented VAPS XT HMI tool and adds features that allow the end user to claim credit towards their certification requirements.

Key Features

VAPS XT-178 is based on the popular object oriented VAPS XT HMI tool and retains all of the core features of this tool.

VAPS XT-178 advantages for DO-178 & Safety-Critical Applications
  • As an object-oriented, XML-based HMI tool, VAPS XT-178 is highly flexible that allows the user to create custom widgets, save them, and re-use them from project to project
  • VAPS XT-178 can be used to certify both ARINC 661 and non ARINC 661 applications
  • VAPS XT-178 has been created by the same engineering team that developed the widely successful VAPS QCG (Qualifable Code Generator) DO-178 qualified product that has been used across over 20 programs worldwide
  • DO-178C DO-330 upto DAL A Tool chain
Why use a qualifiable tool and code generator like VAPS XT-178?

By greatly reducing the effort required within the software design, coding, and testing phases of the graphics display development lifecycle, VAPS XT-178 dramatically shortens the time required for developing certifiable embedded software products.  The end user or customer may utilize the documents and test cases provided with the product in order to obtain credit for the tool qualification as part of the total system certification.  VAPS XT-178 eliminates much of the qualification and testing the customer might need to accomplish in designing and certifying a proprietary, custom architecture in place of using a proven commercial-off-the-shelf software tool architecture.

VAPS XT-178 is the ideal software solution for the following applications:
  • ARINC 661compliant avionics
  • RTCA DO-178 compliant/certified avionics
  • UAS ground station control graphics
VAPS XT-178 includes
  • Qualifiable C++ code generator
  • Certifiable Runtime Libraries
VAPS XT-178 Options

CertKit (DO-178C artifacts including requirements, designs, tests and review records)

ARINC 661 Support

Presagis enhances its support for ARINC 661 with new out-of-the-box widgets and infrastructure enhancements specific to ARINC 661 standards:

  • The UDP integration library makes it easier for users to develop distributed ARINC 661 compliant systems out-of-the-box. Also supports integration with the Flexible Software Solutions (FSS) UA Emulator and UA2 products.
  • Expanded widget library with pre-built and coded widgets means getting started faster and less coding
  • Rapid ARINC 661 widget creation
  • Create Binary DFs and Layers within Editor
  • Style Set Support
  • SuperLayer
  • Picture Support
  • Entry Validation
  • Layer Instantiation
  • Text Editing Enhancement
  • Fixed Point Enhancement
  • Shape Styling
  • Angular Linear Replicate
Usability Enhancement Features

The release also incorporates many general usability enhancements to the development environment in order to improve user workflow and productivity. Enhancements and features include:

  • Installation
  • Fonts
  • More Graphical Primitives
  • Action Language
  • Cursor Support
  • Picture Support
  • Sparse Array Support
  • Pop-Up support
  • Built table elements support
  • Rotation and Translation of Built Objects
  • Auto-completion
  • Data type compatibility check
  • Large Project Loading
DO-178 CertMode
  • DO-178 CertMode is a new license-activated feature for projects requiring DO-178C up to level ‘A’ certification
  • DO-178 CertMode provides a root project including all of the objects supported with certification artifacts in VAPS XT-178 CertKit
  • DO-178 CertMode also provides specific code generator functionality to assist with the development of certifiable graphics, for example VAPS XT-178 produces warnings related to potential ‘illegal or safety issues’ within the application
  • By activating the DO-178 CertMode feature, a standard VAPS XT for Embedded Systems license is upgraded to a VAPS XT-178 license.