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Presagis is a dynamic company looking for talented and excited individuals that want to contribute to our growing organization. Whether you are searching for a full-time position or an internship, Presagis provides opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels.

Presagis employees are at the root of our success. We have a vision of the future and believe that every employee contributes to it becoming a reality. In nurturing the creativity, intelligence, and passion of our people around the world we ensure that our organization flourishes and that our employees continually grow in their roles.

Presagis is proud of our innovative and creative workplace that attracts the best and brightest. Our employees thrive on the discovery of new opportunities and the excitement of solving problems and working collaboratively with colleagues to deliver solutions that serve our customers’ needs while pushing the boundaries of technology.

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Life @ Presagis

At Presagis, we offer a dynamic entrepreneurial culture that enables our employees to make the most of their talents. Everyone, at every level, is encouraged to express their thoughts and to pool their brainpower to solve both business challenges and to meet personal career goals.

In our casual, team-oriented work environment every individual has the opportunity to contribute to business success, and is valued for his/her distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives.

Here’s a peek at what work life at Presagis looks like:
Employee Activities

Presagis encourages fun and camaraderie in the workplace, whether it be playing foosball in the cafeteria or participating at regularly scheduled events planned by the social committee.

Work Environment

Presagis offices around the world have been designed with a stimulating and creative workplace philosophy - using sleek, ergonomic design and architectural details.

Employee Training & Development

As an organization, it is part of our responsibility to ensure our employees are able to develop their knowledge on an ongoing basis. We invest in the development of our team to ensure our employees continue to grow in their fields of expertise and that the organization remains on the cutting edge of technology.

Benefits and Compensation

At Presagis, we strive to provide our employees around the world with a positive and stimulating working environment that will ensure your personal development and success. We believe that an outstanding benefits and compensation package for our employees is a key part of the puzzle. Our competitive package is designed to enhance your quality of life by helping you build your financial future and sparking your career growth.

Our packages include components of:
  • Base Salary
  • Holidays
  • Health & Wellness Benefits
  • Retirement Plan Options
  • Family and Life Benefits
Join Our Team

Whether you are interested in software development, consulting, sales, marketing, finance, product management or another role, you will see that we work together in a collaborative environment, building on one another's brilliant ideas. We look for experienced professionals who are able to work as part of our team, who possess excellent organizational and communication skills, and who thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Presagis seeks interns year round in our worldwide offices:

  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Paris, France