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Turnkey Image Generator solution with field-proven performance and speed.


See. Believe.

Panorama delivers quality without compromising performance or budget.

The Panorama image generator is the latest simulation and visualization product in the Presagis portfolio. Panorama has been designed to maximize performance by leveraging field-proven image generation technology.

Quickly installed, and easily maintained, and using the CIGI standard, Panorama can easily plug in to an existing network and be ready to use with little configuration. Employing the latest graphics processors and leveraging Presagis visualization applications, Panorama uses an optimally integrated architecture to ensure very fast graphics at all times.

Panorama ensures a fast and stable performance by carefully analysing the software, hardware, OS, and interfaces, and only uses the resources required to operate the image generator at peak efficiency and quality.

Panorama visuals greatly increase immersion and benefit training by providing:

  • Incredible image quality with detailed environments, night scenes, ground-level textures, and optimized vegetation.
  • 3D oceans with reflections, waves, surf, wakes, and buoyancy.
  • Support EO, IR, NVG sensors
  • Pageable terrain, rotor wash, realistic clouds and shadows create immersive environments.
  • Support for OGC CDB standard
  • Optimized, embedded, and IA Compliant
  • Image Generator Controller
  • Mission Function Controller
  • High Fidelity Scenegraph
  • Databases and Models
  • OS Tools and Utilities
How can Panorama benefit you?
  1. Save Time: Panorama can be installed quickly and easily and with minimal configuration.
  2. Low-Risk Solution: Panorama offers tailored component integration for a fast, stable and predictable performance.
  3. Rapid Integration: By supporting the OGC CDB standard, as well as the industry-standard CIGI Host Interface, DIS, and HLA, Panorama offers seamless connectivity with virtually any external simulation host.
  4. Easy Maintenance