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ARINC 661 Part 1 System Testing

ARINC 661 Part 1 System Testing

Rapid widget debugging, traffic-log analysis and CDS and UA emulation

Testing ARINC 661 Part 1 messaging for User Applications, cockpit display systems, and widgets can be incredibly time-consuming and repetitive.

Presagis products provide a variety of options to aid engineers debug their designs.

Live View in VAPS XT’s editor allows the design to be immediately checked, before generating any code. Developers can use signal generators instead of connections to actual hardware to explore designs. Performance Monitor allows users to analyze and optimize graphics performance of any design even on embedded target hardware!

Presagis’ UA Emulator is a powerful stand-alone tool providing complete ARINC 661 Part 1 protocol emulation and analysis. It enables the creation of complete test and verification environments for both CDS’ and UA’s. UA Emulator can capture, analyze and replay protocol in an operational system, allowing the most complex of problems to be resolved.