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VAPS XT for Simulation

A rapid prototyping, design and deployment environment for creating graphical displays

Complex, dynamic digital information displays are an essential component of any new vehicle simulation or operator control station. Presagis VAPS XT for Simulation helps display developers accurately and efficiently prototype, develop, and integrate displays into simulation applications.

VAPS XT is a graphical human-machine interface (HMI) prototyping and development environment used to create certified displays for embedded systems. That reliability helps developers and integrators simplify and speed up the tasks of developing and incorporating accurate real-time interactive displays and instrumentation within simulations. And instead of being a stand-alone application, VAPS XT is an integrated component of the Presagis Modeling and Simulation framework. That takes the guesswork out of integrating displays with STAGE, FlightSIM, HeliSIM, and Vega Prime based applications.

Used worldwide, VAPS XT is the only embedded graphics tool that allows users to define both object appearance and display logic in one easy graphical editor. Working together and using the automatic code generator CodeNGen – developers and Human Factors Experts can define the look and feel of an object or group of objects, assign behavior, and subsequently generate a stand-alone executable of their applications. Through a flexible porting approach, VAPS XT applications can be easily deployed to virtually any embedded target with excellent performance.

Use VAPS XT to:

  • Develop virtual flight displays, including primary flight displays (PFD)
  • Create graphics for full cockpit dashboards
  • Create UAS ground station control panels
  • Create embedded trainer controls

VAPS XT easily connects with many mainstream simulation tools, including:

  • Presagis STAGE
  • Presagis FlightSIM and HeliSIM
  • Presagis Vega Prime
  • Mathworks Simulink

This video shows an integrated flight simulation application developed using Vega Prime for the 3D out-the-window visuals, VAPS XT For Simulation for the 2D HUD overlay and the side control panels, and FlightSIM to provide the high-fidelity flight dynamics.