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Presagis Customer Support comes with a massive wealth of knowledge and experience in software development and product management.

We believe Customer Support is about more than resolving issues. It is about working as an advocate to get you the answers you need.

Our commitment to your success begins with skilled and experienced personnel who are trained to work with you to align your specific project requirements with the capabilities of your Presagis products.

Presagis Customer Support comes with a massive wealth of knowledge and experience in software development and product management. This ensures that, when you have an issue, every possible solution is explored and made available to you. Our effective case management strategy and industry-leading Customer Portal allow you to access best practices and to maximize the capabilities of your investment.


The Customer Portal offers you a consolidated view of your Presagis products and support requests as well as access to the latest product documentation, technical ‘tips’, product release notes, training, updates and more.

The Portal offers you 24/7 access to:

  • Product downloads for your licensed Presagis software
  • The Presagis Knowledge Base
  • The Presagis Peer-to-Peer Product forums
  • Support request status and logging new cases
  • An overview of your Presagis software licenses and their maintenance status
  • My Dashboard: a view into your support cases and product history lets you review the status of your cases, log a new case, verify maintenance and view product alerts.
  • Knowledge Base: Constantly updated by our Technical Support and Engineering team to provide current, effective solutions to common problems and usage scenarios.
Portal Access Registration

Registering to access, the Presagis Customer Portal is an easy process. Simply click here and follow the registration process.

If you require any technical assistance with your registration, please feel free to contact the portal administrator at [email protected].

Support When You Need It

Support When You Need It

Presagis Customer Support comes with a massive wealth of knowledge and experience in software development and product management.

Support Benefits

The Presagis Customer Support Team takes a proactive approach to understanding your requirements so that we can deliver superior support and to provide the help you need to best leverage our products and their features in your environment. As a user of customer support you benefit from:

The Right Person for the Job

Our Technical Support Specialists have product-specific knowledge in a variety of environments for duplicating and investigating customer issues. Our specialists have been part of the Presagis team for an average of 3 years and receive continuous training. By providing both telephone and e-mail assistance to our customers, our team quickly and actively supports any technical issues relating to our products and can assist customers using multiple Presagis products together.

Quick and Comprehensive Turnaround

Presagis Customer Support replies to customer requests within 1 business day, and over half of the customer issues handled are resolved within 5 business days. Within the first 24 hours, a Technical Support Specialist will contact you to follow-up and to inform you that your case is being investigated.

Effective Case Management

Presagis Customer Support follows clearly defined guidelines for escalation so that no case is left unresolved. To ensure that all cases are properly managed, Customer Support determines prioritization together with the customer, monitors the progress on all technical issues, and provides customers with timely reports on the progress of their cases.

Self-Serve Customer Portal

The Presagis Customer Portal enables customers to access support resources on their schedule. Using the Portal, you can at any time open new support cases, check the status of your open cases, review previous case details, and see updates on current issues.