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Land Systems

Center console displays, instrument clusters, and infotainment systems are becoming increasingly standard on vehicles. The displays show information pertaining to many aspects of the vehicle, including diagnostics, media, GPS and visibility cameras. The user interface for these screens is becoming increasingly complex and engineersrequire specialized development software tools for the development of intuitive graphical interfaces. The ability to quickly develop prototypes and share them with stakeholders is critical.

Presagis develops, supports, and delivers cutting-edge Human Machine Interface (HMI) software tools for the prototyping and design of embedded display graphics for the automotive community. Using VAPS XT, developers can easily develop customer human machine interfaces to meet the needs of their customer. With the capability to develop stand-alone executables, interface with leading third party software tools such as Simulink and DOORS, and automatic code generation, Presagis HMI software tools provide a leading advantage to land vehicles graphical interface developers.

VAPS XT HItachi Video