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Whether it be from satellites, drones, mobile phones, autonomous vehicles, or open and commercial sources the amount of geospatial and geo-located intelligence data grows on a daily basis.

Agencies and organizations responsible for the creation of maps and common synthetic environments are increasingly adopting the AAA approach of Automation, Augmentation, and AI.

Designed to be integrated with existing technology and workflows, Presagis’ VELOCITY 5D is perfectly aligned with this AAA strategy.

Automation: By automating data cleanup and formalizing transformation processes for all data sources, VELOCITY 5D gives agencies and organizations the ability to produce 2D, 3D, or VR environments for a wide range of applications while providing the required traceability and repeatability. It also allows the drastic reduction – and sometimes the outright removal – of tedious or manual operations which allows analysts to focus on critical tasks that require their attention and expertise.

Augmentation: By leveraging cloud computing and computer vision, the herculean task of quickly processing, ingesting, and transforming multiple geospatial data sources into time-sensitive, useable, actionable intelligence is now possible with VELOCITY 5D. Computer vision allows for the acquisition, processing, analyzing and understanding of digital images, and extraction of high-dimensional data. The combination of Computer Vision and AI algorithms opens one of the most interesting avenues to automate the processing, integration and analysis of GEOINT data. Thanks to the emergence of massive storage and processing capabilities in the cloud, the field of Machine Learning is progressing more rapidly than ever and can help with the automation of numerous tasks once relegated to human manual interventions. These tasks include:

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) extraction
  • Road network extraction
  • Building footprints, height and rooftop extractions
  • Vegetation extraction
  • Land use classification
  • Temporal Change Detection
  • GIS data and Sensor fusion

AI: VELOCITY 5D automation and workflows can be enhanced using both artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Through projects with various universities, governments and private partners, Presagis is actively involved in leveraging AI/ML algorithms for the integration of Lidar, WAMI and FMV sensor data as well as a number of feature extraction processes to allow VELOCITY 5D to further the automated curation of 3D geospatial data repositories.