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For the development of dynamic interactive real-time graphical HMIs for complex applications


VAPS, a precursor to VAPS XT, is designed for the development of dynamic interactive real-time graphical HMIs for complex applications, including the displays and controls found in the cockpit of an aircraft as well as in automobile instrumentation.

This industry-leading integrated development environment allows you to:

  • define the look and feel of HMIs by drawing or importing graphics (supports both vector and raster based graphics),
  • connect data to graphics,
  • define interactive state-based logic,
  • manipulate graphics using a comprehensive library of C-functions called Action Routines,
  • connect VAPS applications to other external applications using a built-in communication library,
  • perform rapid iterative testing of HMI applications.
CCG Lite

The legendary VAPS code generation module for creating embedded executables in a wide variety of target platforms.

  • Automatic code generation of ANSI-C code for application graphics, behavior, logic
  • Creation of makefile
  • Automatic compilation and linking of makefile, sample main program, VAPS libraries and generated application code to produce a stand-alone and portable executable application
  • Portability ANSI-C code may be recompiled with target-specific libraries on workstations and embedded targets
  • Generated code is consistent, debugged and commented with optimization and customization.

Optimized for:

  • Reduced generated code size
  • Reduced frame loading time
  • Reduced runtime transformations and increased drawing speed.