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VAPS is currently still being actively used and supported by PRESAGIS on many aircraft programs all over the world


VAPS, the precursor to VAPS XT, was created for the development of dynamic interactive real-time graphical HMIs for complex applications. Designed and developed by aerospace engineers to improve the development process for displays and controls found in the cockpit in an aircraft. Other application of its usage included instrumentation in the automotive industry.

VAPS has been recognized to have changed the development process and usage of COTS software tools for the development of aircraft displays. Its output format became the standard for avionic display development.

The creator of the VAPS product was inducted into the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum AW&ST Laureate Hall of Fame, for causing a paradigm shift in display development and simulation in aerospace.

VAPS is currently still actively used and supported by PRESAGIS on many aircraft programs all over the world.

This industry-leading integrated development environment allows you to:

  • define the look and feel of HMIs by drawing or importing graphics (supports both vector and raster based graphics),
  • connect data to graphics,
  • define interactive state-based logic,
  • manipulate graphics using a comprehensive library of C-functions called Action Routines,
  • connect VAPS applications to other external applications using a built-in communication library,
  • perform rapid iterative testing of HMI applications.
  • create stand-alone Windows executables to share with users and working groups
  • develop within a WYSIWYG editor on MS Windows 7 & MS Windows 10
CCG Lite

VAPS CCG Lite was the second generation code generator. Designed specifically for creating embedded executables in a wide variety of aerospace target platforms. Developed and validated with support from major aircraft manufacturers.

  • Automatic code generation of ANSI-C code for application graphics, behavior, logic
  • Creation of makefile
  • Automatic compilation and linking of makefile, sample main program, VAPS libraries and generated application code to produce a stand-alone and portable executable application
  • Portability ANSI-C code may be recompiled with target-specific libraries on workstations and embedded targets
  • Generated code is consistent, debugged and commented with optimization and customization.

Optimized for:

  • Reduced generated code size
  • Reduced frame loading time
  • Reduced runtime transformations and increased drawing speed.

Supported development environments:

  • Tools run on MS Windows 7 & MS Windows 10
  • Output C Code compatible with 32-bit CPUs
  • RTOS compatibility: Wind River VxWorks, Green Hills Integrity, LynxOS, + many other ones