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Safety and mission critical software for aircraft applications.

Safety is the first concern for every phase of production when building commercial or military airplanes. There is no margin of error; precision is critical.

The guidance for the development cycle of any software embedded in airborne equipment are among the most stringent for software development in the world. Every line of code embedded in any airborne system must be tested and verified and must conform to rigorous guidelines of accuracy, consistency, verifiability, and compatibility.

As a result, the certification processes associated with embedded code production caused tremendous overhead for avionics developers. Presagis certification kits drastically reduce the effort necessary to achieve DO178 certification in safety-critical applications such as cockpit graphics. They eliminate time-consuming tasks representing hundreds of person-years effort and more than 35 thousand files. System engineers can focus on system behavior and testing, while the kit includes the evidence needed for much lower-level detail.

Available for both conventional and ARINC 661 Part 1 based systems.

Qualifiable Certifiable Solutions

Qualifiable Certifiable Solutions

Safety and mission critical software for aircraft applications