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Natively based on OpenFlight, the most widespread industry standard for 3D simulation models, Creator is the original software for creating optimized 3D models for use in your virtual environment.


Build. Model. Optimize.

Content creators are constantly challenged to produce more models with higher detail, increased realism, and improved performance.

Designed specifically for simulation applications, Creator is the industry-standard software in the creation of optimized 3D models for real-time virtual environments.

Using a rich set of tools, content creators can build models from scratch, edit or import existing ones, and enhance objects for use in sensor-capable simulations. With full control of the modeling process, Creator allows you to quickly generate highly optimized and physically accurate 3D models with varying levels of detail (LOD).

With complete interactive control of your models from database level to a single vertex attribute, Creator lets you develop models faster and with more control than ever. Wizards and scripting tools allow for the rapid creation of buildings, bridges, billboards and other objects that add realism to your virtual environment.

Creator lets you assign materials (wood, steel, glass, rubber, etc.) and hot spots (i.e.: heat signatures on vehicles) to model physically accurate sensor-ready assets.

OpenFlight® Creator allows content developers to work natively with the OpenFlight® data format. OpenFlight is the de facto standard real-time 3D database file format and is the native output file format of Creator. The customizable extension capabilities of the OpenFlight format provide a common ground for its diverse users and a mechanism to save and re-use objects or environments for future projects.

How can Creator benefit you?
  1. Full Creative Freedom: Using Creator, content creators can build an entire site database, or a edit a single vertex from a single application.
  2. Rapid 3D Model Development: Creator’s tools and wizards let you save time and costs by quickly building buildings, bridges, and billboards.
  3. Designed for Simulation: Optimized for simulation, your 3D models can be easily validated and optimized for performance.
  4. Flexible Workspace: Creator’s customizable desktop lets each content creator chose how they work, thereby maximizing the efficiency and workflow.
  5. Plug-in Tool Architecture: Creator can easily be extended through custom development and scripts in order to meet your unique project’s goals.
Creator Pro

If you need to develop both high-fidelity 3D models and specific areas of interest suitable for use in real-time 3D applications, Creator Pro provides you with the added polygon and terrain modeling and vector editing features you need to successfully meet your requirements.

Features Creator Creator Pro
FBX Import
Hot Spots
Physics-Based Modeling
Material Classification
User Script Accessibility
Analyze Models Tool
Multiple LOD
2D & 3D Fracture Tool
Deform Tools
Enhanced Modeling Tools
Advanced Light Modeling
3D Painting
Convert to GIS
Building Wizard
Building Interior Wizard
Creator Road Tools
Billboard Wizard
Sign Wizard
Bridge Wizard
Tree Wizard
Site-Level Modeling
Batch Run Script
Optimized Vector Tool
Delauney and Polymesh tessellation
Ridge, Valley, and Coastline Detection
Automated visual import
Elevation Data Generation From Source Files
Shape (.shp) file import
Windows 10 support
4K Display Support