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Graphical Interface  Development

Graphical Interface Development

Presagis is the worldwide leader in HMI software tools for safety-critical and mission-critical display applications.

Presagis has provided human-machine interface (HMI) graphical modeling tools to produce state-of-the-art graphics and highly optimized code for both PC and embedded systems for over 25 years. We pioneered both the prototyping of display graphics and automatic code generation for embedded systems 20 years ago and, since then, code generated by its flagship products VAPS and VAPS XT has been deployed to hundreds of aircraft worldwide and our embedded graphics software has been certified on over 30 major aircraft programs worldwide.
Cockpit Graphics Development Tools

Presagis’ VAPS XT is an easy to use tool that supports the complete lifecycle of the development of cockpit graphics systems. Capture requirements and design; express functionality in integrated state charts and automatically generate code that implements the design.

Presagis is a partner you can trust for reliable, high-performance embedded graphics solutions and services.

Experts Helping Experts

Experts Helping Experts

In order to support our customers' development efforts we offer a wide variety of Services including product training, product customization, content development, and product adoption guidance.