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UA Emulator

UA Emulator

Helps display and systems developers create tests of any sequence of ARINC 661 messaging to simplify the early detection of problems and reduce the cost of resolving them


Testing ARINC 661 messaging for User Applications, cockpit display systems, and widgets can be incredibly time-consuming and repetitive. UA Emulator helps display and systems developers create tests of any sequence of ARINC 661 messaging to simplify the early detection of problems and reduce the cost of resolving them.

UA Emulator is a powerful, flexible solution designed to work with Presagis VAPS XT 661 and interface to third-party ARINC 661 CDS. Only minimal knowledge of ARINC 661 protocols is required to get up and running. With an intuitive interface designed for rapid message creation and detailed analysis, UA Emulator simplifies the tasks of widget debugging, ARINC 661 traffic log analysis, CDS Layer Design testing, and User Application emulation.

UA Emulator is extensible with open file formats for custom messaging and custom widget support

Each deployment of ARINC 661 is different and custom messages and bespoke widget types are often used to overcome real-world needs. UA Emulator adapts to meet real-world needs by loading data describing extensions to the ARINC 661 Protocol.

Key Features
Features for CDS developers
  • Easy-to-Use user interface – build messages quickly and accurately
  • Message auto-complete – concentrate on the data of interest as headers, footers, identifiers, etc. are filled in for you
  • Selectable widget instances and properties – use mouse to select message target, identifiers filled in automatically without referring back to documentation
  • Smart Value Editors – the most appropriate editor for the type of data being edited is automatically provided - including enumerated choices
  • Quickly build message scenarios to analyse how the CDS will look when it is being driven
  • ARINC 661 protocol knowledge only needed for advanced testing.
Features for Test Engineers
  • Intuitive user interaces makes it easy to build test messages – without learning ARINC 661 protocol first
  • Build scenarios: sequences of messages that can be saved and replayed
  • Save traffic history in comparable format
  • Copy and paste message bytes
  • Simulate multiple User Applications
  • Simulate a CDS to test a User Application.
Features for software / system integrators
  • Simulate any equipment ARINC 661 Message, e.g. when real equipment or CDS is not available
  • Test at the desk – reduces rig-time requirements
  • Analyse ARINC 661 message traffic logs – detect software faults without writing special message analysis code
  • Playback message sequences – repeat what happened at real time, in a test environment
  • Extensible, cater for messages sent outside the ARINC 661 protocol.
Comprehensive Toolset
A fast, reliable tool that simplifies testing in Cockpit Display System, widget, and User Application development
  • Achieve complex widget interaction with minimal knowledge of ARINC 661
  • Analyze real-time runtime messages offline, and identify problems quickly
  • Verify using messaging scenarios
  • Enter values in native data types (or HEX as required)
  • Plug and play: Apply your energies to delivering successful outcomes, rather than internal test tools
Supports custom messaging and custom widgets
  • Find messages that do not conform to the protocol and allowed extensions
  • Share extension information between users and across the supply chain
  • Switch between permitted protocols when switching between projects
  • Use a single tool to test different CDS; Simply change the message transport module
Technical Features
  • Windows 7 and 10 Based Environment
  • Automatic Linkage to ARINC 661 Standards PDF
  • User definable Transport Plugin for connecting to real hardware
  • User extendable message configuration (allow custom messages outside of standard to be decoded)
  • Command line headless mode for automated testing
  • Compatible with VAPS XT 661 models files