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UA Emulator 3.0

UA Emulator 3.0


Helps display and systems developers create tests of any sequence of ARINC 661 messaging to simplify the early detection of problems and reduce the cost of resolving them.

Mastering all the constructs of ARINC 661 protocol messages, different versions of the standard and supporting vendor specific CDS extensions can be a daunting task. This is why Presagis has developed the UA Emulator tool to help engineers working with the standard to visualize, create, analyze and perform testing of ARINC 661 protocol with minimal knowledge required.

Creation & Analysis of ARINC 661 Messages

Testing ARINC 661 messaging for UAs, cockpit display systems, and widgets can be incredibly time-consuming and repetitive. Presagis’ UA Emulator helps display and systems developers create tests of any sequence of ARINC 661 messaging to simplify the early detection of problems and reduce the cost of resolving them.

UA Emulator is a powerful, flexible software tool designed to work with Presagis VAPS XT 661. Only minimal knowledge of ARINC 661 protocols is required to get up and running. With an intuitive interface designed for rapid message creation and detailed analysis, UA Emulator simplifies the tasks of widget debugging, ARINC 661 traffic log analysis, CDS Layer Design testing, and UA emulation.

Each deployment of ARINC 661 is different and custom messages and bespoke widget types are often used to overcome real-world needs. UA Emulator adapts to meet real-world needs by loading data describing extensions to the ARINC 661 Protocol.

UA Emulator 3.0
UA Emulator 3.0
Key Features & Benefits
  • Rapid User Application and CDS Emulation
    You can choose to have UA Emulator act as either the CDS or UA, depending on what aspect of your system you want to test or measure. It enables the rapid creation of any sequence of ARINC661 messages. Data-Type aware editors provide a quick means to edit values according to their appropriate range or enumerated choices resolved from the ARINC 661 standard and the context provided by parsing VAPS XT 661 layer definition files.

  • Message Creation and Validation
    The user interface has been specifically designed to facilitate rapid message creation and provides detailed analysis of message content. Messages are broken down into structures as defined by the ARINC 661 standard; instant message validation identifies invalid message fields before data is sent.

  • Automated Test Scenarios
    When ARINC 661 messages have been created or logged using the tool, they can be used to create message scenarios with reactive actions or timed messages. These scenarios can be used for automated testing and scripted to run without UI in a batch mode.

  • System Integration and Debugging
    UA Emulator automatically highlights errors in protocol messages and guides users through decoding portions of a message that is incorrectly formatted. Do you need to look up something quickly? UA Emulator directly links to ARINC 661 Standards Documentation and automatically navigates to correct definition of what you are looking for. With support for user defined communication transports, UA Emulator can talk to deployed systems with the appropriate interface cards and libraries.

Target Users

Widget developers

  • Ensure widget generates correct messages
  • Ensure widget responds correctly to data
  • Widget robustness testing
  • Perform regression testing

UA developers

  • Ensure UA generates correct messages
  • Ensure UA responds correctly to data
  • UA robustness testing
  • Perform regression testing

CDS developers

  • Ensure CDS generates correct messages
  • Ensure CDS responds correctly to data
  • CDS robustness testing
  • Perform regression testing

Integration engineers

  • Record data messages
  • Analyze messages for errors
  • Replay data into systems
  • Perform regression testing