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Support, online training, product enhancements, and Customer Portal access are just some of the benefits of Presagis Maintenance.

The benefits of subscribing to the Support and Maintenance program are many:
  • Provided with online training and e-Learning course materials
  • Online or phone support maintenance is readily available
  • Ensure product reliability through product enhancements and support
  • Provided valuable support and technical expertise (bug fixes, tech support, upgrades, etc.)
  • Can make use of and leverage Presagis knowledge
  • Maximize your ROI on Presagis software (license transfer included)
  • Faster integration and roll-out of your application

Additionally, if you have an active maintenance contract of M&S products, you can take advantage of our Enhanced Maintenance Program. This program was designed to give you focused access to Presagis experience, knowledge, and guidance in order to help customers achieve their goals. The Enhanced Maintenance Program is comprised of four distinct training courses that can be tailored to help you leverage Presagis tools and meet your goals.

As an active maintenance contract holder, customers can select from one of these four training so that they can prepare a unique plan that will not only help them identify and mitigate risks, but reduce bottlenecks, plan around them, and assure success.

Please note that some conditions apply. Please contact [email protected]  

Customer Product Training:

4-day training session tailored to your project/program requirements.

Helps with such topics as:

  • Maximizing 3D model creation for real-time simulation goals
  • Building enhanced simulation scenarios
  • Writing simulation plugins
  • Learning how to integrate tools in a DIS-HLA network
Program Kickoff

3-day training session aimed at helping you minimize risk by ensuring that your new project/program has a clear and solid foundation. In addition, you will receive a kickoff report describing best practices and highlighting how to get your program rolling.

The report contains:

  • An audit of your existing program including the list of tools and product requirements
  • Feature and behavior mapping requirements for product features and tool workflows
  • Much more
Architectural Guidance

3-Day training session that targets assisting you with pipeline configuration by translating application requirements into Presagis product configuration, workflows, and development tasks. In addition, it identifies cross-product dependencies. Upon completion of this session, you will receive a Best Practices report designed for your application requirements.

The report includes topics such as:

  • LOD and refresh rate management strategies
  • Best practice suggestions for the usage of each Presagis product
  • Recommend configuration output management
Applications Performance Optimization

3-Day training session that identifies problems and reviews performance limitations in your existing applications and workflow.

We can help assist with such topics as:

  • Code optimization guidance and suggestions
  • Bottleneck identification and suggested outcomes