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The UAV CRAFT and HELI CRAFT customizable simulators provide complete control over all technical and tactical environments.

The CRAFT series’ open architecture design results in unprecedented freedom to customize a platform that can be adapted to easily meet your tactical, operational, or research goals.

The culmination of decades of experience in partnering with and supplying the world’s top 100 aerospace and defense companies, the CRAFT Series deliver astounding vehicle and visual realism, rapid integration, and a very competitive cost.

CRAFT Series Customizable Simulators

The Presagis CRAFT Series simulators are simulation platforms designed for clients that require high-fidelity simulation solutions that are both customizable and competitively priced.

The CRAFT Series is comprised of HELI CRAFT, a helicopter simulator, and UAV CRAFT, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulator. Each CRAFT has been designed for the training, research and design communities and boast high-fidelity flight and avionics systems with physics-based IR, Radar sensors and weapons, as well as built-in Computer Generated Forces (CGF).

The flexibility of the CRAFT Series’ modular, open-architecture system allows for a virtual “test bench” for a wide range of applications that include design and acquisition requirements analysis, custom software or hardware-in-the-loop development, all the way to end-to-end platform development.

Available at a very competitive cost, CRAFT simulators can be rapidly integrated into your workflow using your own personnel or, for additional customization, by Presagis experts.

Experts Helping Experts

In order to support our customers' development efforts we offer a wide variety of Services including product training, product customization, content development, and product adoption guidance.

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By supplying the top 100 defense and aeronautic companies in the world, we have earned the trust of our partners and customers as experts and innovators in the industry.

Despite our success and impressive list of clients, we will steadfastly continue development of our products, investment in our portfolio, and respond to the evolving needs of our clients through innovation.