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About Us

About Us

Based in Montreal, Canada, our pioneering team of experts, former military personnel, programmers, trainers and testers, are challenging the status quo and building tomorrow’s technology — today.

A Story of Innovation
Presagis delivers simulation and graphics software, and services to defense and aeronautic organizations worldwide. We provide end-users, system integrators, developers, and manufacturers with advanced tools and dedicated services to help them achieve rich, immersive virtual environments for training, as a test-bench, and designing the cockpits of tomorrow.

The story of Presagis is one of innovation.

Pioneers in the simulation industry, Presagis set the standard for modeling and simulation software. From launching groundbreaking tools for creating synthetic environments, to developing full suites dedicated to simulation & visualization, we never stopped reaching higher or striving further.

Our experience in the field of civilian and military aeronautics fueled our innovation and success in the fields of embedded graphics and human machine interface and earned us both distinction and awards.

Responding to a need in the defense sector, Presagis invested in physically accurate sensor technology visualization for virtual environments. By providing realistic Radar and IR views, Presagis set itself apart once again through innovation and simulation experience.

Building on this success and responding to market forces and a need for streamlined integration, we designed the CRAFT series – an open and customizable simulator. By combining and integrating all of our products into a prepackaged a solution designed for the military simulation market, we delivered more value for money and accelerated time to market.

A True Partner
"Presagis" (Pre - say - gis) is derived from the word "presage", which means to forecast or predict, and speaks to our core products that help our customers ensure readiness and prepare for the future.

Defense and aeronautics organizations look for a partner that will help them deliver a solution or application within a tight deadline, with an open architecture to ensure longevity, and at a competitive price.

Presagis is that partner.

Over the last decade, Presagis has built a strong reputation in helping create the complexity of the real world in a virtual one. By combining our core strengths, Presagis is able to deliver superior products and services. Our deep understanding of the defense and aeronautic industries combined with expertise in synthetic environments, simulation & visualization, human-machine interfaces, and sensors positions us perfectly to meet today’s goals and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

These areas of expertise are what differentiate us from our competition. Whereas other suppliers are segmented, Presagis is able to respond to a wide array of customers and industries while staying true to our core strengths. The proficiency, knowledge, and real-world experience of our employees grant us with a profound understanding of our clients’ needs, and the skills to respond to them.

At the heart of Presagis is our rich and deep understanding of diverse subjects – aeronautics, sensors, the defense industry, system architectures, to name a few. Our clients and partners are the greatest beneficiaries. It is through sharing this knowledge and experience that Presagis becomes a true partner. — Jean-Michel Brière President, Presagis

Today, Presagis is heavily investing in research and innovation. By leveraging our experience and proficiency, and recognizing emerging trends, we are able to apply the following technologies to enhance our product offerings:

  • Virtual reality/simulations
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data analysis/machine learning
  • Human machine interface

All our products can also strongly benefit government research departments (RAL, IFRL, NRL, etc.) and expand our offerings beyond training and simulation and in to academic, research and development organizations.

By supplying the top 100 defense and aeronautic companies in the world, we have earned the trust of our partners and customers as experts and innovators in the industry. Despite our success and impressive list of clients, we will steadfastly continue development of our products, investment in our portfolio, and respond to the evolving needs of our clients through innovation.

The Presagis Blog

The Presagis Blog

Articles, Stories, and Insight About the World of Modeling, Simulation, and HMI.