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Misawa, Japan

Misawa, Japan

A V5D Content On Demand Database

Misawa, Japan

Presagis is pleased to offer this CDB format database to help streamline your content creation through the addition of assets and 3D terrains.

Database at a glance:

  • Size: 1 Geocell (12,392 sq/km)
  • Highest resolution Imagery: 50 cm
  • Features: 01 Airport, hydrography, power lines, night scenes, terrain and culture data (materialized)
  • Format: OGC CDB

Ideal for use with Presagis Products.

name Misawa, Japan
coordinates 141.5 40.5
extents 141.0 40.0 142.0 41.0
geocells 1
square_KMs 24784
cost 2000
imagery__name imagery
imagery__finest_LOD 8
imagery__resolution 5m/0.5m
elevation__name elevation
elevation__finest_LOD 2
elevation__resolution 30m
raster_material__name raster material
raster_material__finest_LOD 8
raster_material__resolution 5m/0.5m
procedural_buildings 44258
ground_lightmaps TRUE
culture_has_material_maps TRUE
hydrography TRUE
powerlines TRUE
GT_trees TRUE
road_network TRUE
airport TRUE
airport_specs__name Misawa Air Base
airport_specs__code RJSM
airport_specs__quality High
airport_specs__runway_lights TRUE
airport_specs__GS_taxiways_and_markings TRUE
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Simulation-Ready Environments. Now.

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