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3D Databases Library

3D Databases Library

Simulation-Ready Environment

by V5D Content on Demand

Presagis is proud to offer a library of simulation-ready 3D environments.

These environment databases are detailed and accurate and can be immediately used in your simulation projects – whether they be in Defense & Security, Geospatial, Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness, Infrastructure, Utilities & Smart Cities, or Automotive & Autonomous Vehicles.

Representing dozens of locations all over the world, these environments include multiple levels of detail (LOD), base imagery, elevation, ground lightmaps, hydrography and/or roads, geo-typical trees, power lines, geo-specific buildings with geo-typical textures, airports with geo-specific taxiways, markings, and lit runways, and more.

Note: Background imagery is only accessible if using the environments with Presagis products.

Created using V5D

This Content On Demand is made possible by V5D (VELOCITY 5D) is our new automated content creation software capable of creating large-scale 3D environments in hours instead of days or weeks. We are leveraging this powerful tool to create some ready-to-use databases for content creators that are looking to save time and money on their projects.