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Thank you for visiting us at World Summit Americas 2022

What is VELOCITY 5D?

VELOCITY 5D (V5D) provides ultimate flexibility to rapidly create or consume geospatial 3D digital twins using a secure and scalable solution so you can simulate, collaborate, and make better decisions. We help bring context to your data, so you can focus on what matters.

Dealing with a tsunami of data?

An explosion of data from a variety of devices, and connected possibilities, will see our world generate 10,000 times more data than is already in existence. Agencies, companies, and countries are consistently collecting more data than they can process and analyze – impacting the need for critical and complex decision making.

What is 5D?

How can V5D help you create the world?

Flexible, cross-platform, and cloud-ready, V5D offers a way forward for organizations looking for a centralized asset management approach that scales with evolving requirements.

  • Production of simulation-ready 3D environments
  • Reliability: Standardize workflows
  • Stay up-to-date with updates of sources
  • Fuse new data into existing base map
  • Ensure correlation: multiple outputs with the same inputs
  • Maintain quality – Repeatable processes are key to QA.
  • Processing large amount of GIS data to reduce production time
  • Extracting content whenever vector source information is missing or is out of date
  • Support rapid decision making
  • Interaction of users with scenarios
  • Support critical and complex decision making through simulation as a service
Make your Data Valuable

Make your Data Valuable

V5D provides breakthrough performance in geo-localized content management. From 2D to 3D you can seamlessly transform diverse GIS data streams into rich, multi-spectral environments, complete with pattern of life, humans, crowds, traffic, interactions, and behaviors.