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Presagis Selects Technology Providers for Development of GIS Solutions

Presagis Selects Technology Providers for Development of GIS Solutions

November 24th 2017

November 24, 2017 – Montreal, Canada – Presagis, a recognized leader in modeling and simulation software, today announced the selection of three technology and data providers – Esri®, LuxCarta®, and Vricon™ – to be used in the engineering, production, and delivery of Geographic Information System (GIS) data management and transformation solutions.

Responding to the changing market and the rapid proliferation of GIS data, Presagis is leveraging its extensive experience in creating synthetic environments and integrating, among others, Esri’s CityEngine® with its solutions to achieve faster turn-around times, as well as higher levels of realism and accuracy in virtual representations of the globe.

“Presagis is very cognizant of the market’s direction and the need for realistically rendered, more responsive, and more accessible virtual environments. By combining LuxCarta’s wealth of digital surface and terrain models with Vricon’s accurate, global 3D surface models, point clouds, shorelines, and multispectral imagery, Presagis is able to not only transform the data into vast synthetic training environments, but to deliver it in almost any format -- and on any platform,” explains Stéphane Blondin, Presagis’Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.

“Data is central to any GIS solution and Presagis will demonstrate how it leverages the innovative and highly detailed data from both LuxCarta and Vricon,” adds Blondin. “An impressive example of accurate rasters, 3D information, and vectors, the data these companies provide can enrich any database.”

Whether using freshly field-acquired unmanned aerial system (UAS) data, exploiting an existing GIS archive, integrating open source data or commercially available data from providers such as LuxCarta and Vricon, Presagis solutions are able to harness any source data and not lock customers into any sole or primary source.

“Every agency or organization has a large amount of data, but how they transform it is key. In terms of what customers are looking for in a synthetic training environment, there is a strong and sustained demand for immersive multi-domain visuals and sensors, widely available training platforms, and taking advantage of scalable computing technology. In our rich tradition of innovation, Presagis welcomes this trend and is already hard at work integrating it into our commercial strategy,” said Jean-Michel Brière, Presagis’ President.

About Presagis

Presagis is a global leader providing commercial modeling, simulation and embedded software solutions to the aerospace, defense and security, and critical infrastructure markets. Presagis combines an open simulation development framework with expert professional services to help customers streamline development workflows, reduce project risks, and deliver game-quality immersive simulations. Presagis is also at the forefront of avionics software design for certifiable cockpit displays. The company serves hundreds of customers worldwide, including many of the world's most respected organizations such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, BAE Systems, and CAE. For more information, visit

For further information: Stéphane Blondin, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Tel: +1 514 341.3874, E-Mail: [email protected]

About LuxCarta

LuxCarta focuses on the creation and delivery of geodata for the global telecom, simulation & training and other vertical markets. As experts in cartography and software development, LuxCarta specializes in delivering quality fit-for-purpose products and services to non-specialist and expert end users. For further information:, visit

About Vricon

Vricon offers The Globe in 3D - a revolutionary new source of 3D geospatial and digital elevation data with 50cm resolution and 3m absolute accuracy. Defense and intelligence agencies use The Globe in 3D to support precision targeting, mission rehearsal, and GPS-denied navigation, while commercial companies use it to solve challenges in the telecommunications and energy sectors . Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Vricon creates The Globe in 3D through a unique combination of patented technology, big data processing, and access to massive satellite imagery archives. For further information, visit

About Esri

Since 1969, Esri has been giving customers around the world the power to think and plan geographically. The market leader in GIS, Esri software is used in more than 350,000 organizations worldwide including the 200 largest cities in the United States, most national governments, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Esri’s CityEngine software greatly improves urban planning, architecture, and design by transforming 2D GIS data into 3D city models. CityEngine provides professional users in architecture, urban planning, entertainment, simulation, GIS, and general 3D content production with a unique conceptual design and modeling solution for the efficient creation of 3D cities and buildings. Visit us at