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Presagis VELOCITY 5D: Building next generation content

Build Next-Generation Content

Whether using your own data or content acquired from Content On Demand, the Presagis V5D ecosystem has reimagined the way you build, generate, edit, and deploy your content.

Building a Digital Twin?

Building a Digital Twin?

Use VELOCITY 5D for the rapid creation, updating/enhancing and automation of large-scale 3D virtual environments – with or without your own data.

What we're showing @I/ITSEC

  • Generate accurate representation of your environment from a very wide range of geospatial data, build and customize buildings on-the-fly, and enrich your environment with vegetation, lampposts, roof clutter, power lines, and an endless list of features.
  • V5D software offers a powerful set of tools that intuitively let you perform real-time updates on terrains, textures, and hundreds of other elements that can customize your AOI, city, or country.
  • V5D’s AI module is capable of logically updating outdated source material based on surroundings or extract features whenever they are missing from your vector data. This module allows you to maintain simulation concurrency for your content.
  • V5D can add a wide range of simulation scenarios (or 3rd party models) to your environments, such as floods, wildfires, earthquakes, etc. More complex environments can also be built through the addition of social media.
  • Finally, V5D is designed to be integrated into your existing workflow and toolsets via the provided APIs and SDKs.

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