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TerraPage was developed in 1998 to address this key market requirement for an open standard for terrain database paging.

TerraPage is a Presagis-developed and supported on-disk format designed for large area terrain and texture paging. In addition to providing quick and easy access to extremely large spatial terrain databases, this standard also fulfills the role of an optimized disk format for visual systems that may not already have one. Consequently, it provides both well defined spatial organization for terrain paging and pre-optimized data structures, such as triangle strips and fans, for use on the current generations of graphics hardware.

TerraPage is not itself a runtime system and neither is it a scene graph of its own. Instead, it is built to interface with the scene graph from an existing runtime system. The TerraPage format is produced by a terrain database tool, such as Terra Vista, and is used by a runtime system to visualize the terrain.

Presagis continues to support TerraPage through its continued development and support of Terra Vista.