Vega Prime

Presagis Vega Prime is a visualization toolkit for the real-time 3D development and deployment of simulation applications. Ideal for both high-performance and low-cost hardware platforms, Vega Prime’s flexible plug-in architecture facilitates the rapid design and prototyping of real-time 3D applications by utilizing the most sophisticated technology available.

Providing the only framework you need to rapidly configure, create, and deploy advanced simulation applications, Vega Prime delivers the tools you need for the optimal end-to-end solution. And, because it allows for the easy integration of new or existing code, Vega Prime offers tremendous cost and time savings by improving your asset utilization and re-use.

Vega Prime now provides built-in support for DIS/HLA/CIGI so that you easily network Vega Prime applications with multiple machines and participants. These capabilities are available out-of-the-box and no additional tools or modules are required.

Through features and functionality designed specifically for the requirements of visual simulation, Vega Prime provides developers and programmers with the means to rapidly and flexibly develop high performance applications with minimum effort and maximum productivity and flexibility. Based on the Vega Scene Graph (VSG) advanced cross platform scene graph API, Vega Prime includes:

  • An advanced abstraction API for ease of use and increased productivity,
  • The LynX Prime GUI configuration tool for accelerating the creation and delivery of your real-time 3D applications for simulation, training, and general visualization.

Presagis also offers several powerful COTS application-specific modules that work with Vega Prime for solving the challenges of real-time 3D application development. The Vega Prime infrastructure allows you to create your own custom development modules and to scale the functionality based on the complexity of the application.

To view the Vega Prime Compatibility Matrix for Vega Prime Modules, click here.

Extendable Architecture

Vega Prime delivers the infrastructure needed for the optimal end-to-end solution. Its extendable architecture supports a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor the application to fit your design rather than altering your software to fit within a product’s constraints. In addition, its scalable architecture prevents unnecessary performance overhead because you are able to scale the functionality based on the complexity of the application.

Plug-in Architecture

Ideal for both high performance and low cost hardware platforms, Vega Prime’s plug-in architecture facilitates the rapid design and prototyping of real-time 3D applications. With access to all of the functionality available in VSG while providing an enhanced level of functionality, ease-of-use, and productivity, Vega Prime allows you to spend more time on the application-specific functionality required by your project.

Vega Prime Development Environment

Vega Prime provides a development environment designed specifically to increase your ability to rapidly create and deploy advanced real-time 3D applications. In addition to the flexibility of VSG and the ease of use of a GUI configuration tool, Vega Prime delivers such functionality as environment effects, motion models, coordinate systems, virtual texture, and path/navigator tools.

Large Area Database Management

By taking advantage of core capabilities, Vega Prime is designed to facilitate the development and deployment of applications that require very large or complex databases. High performance levels are guaranteed by optimizing the loading and organization of large datasets through the dynamic paging of “tiles” and user definable paging centers or Areas of Interest. Vega Prime offers optimized rendering that is fully customizable and scalable to take advantage of available resources.

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Vega Prime

Current Version

What's New in Version 13?

Vega Prime 13 has many new features designed to improve interoperability and enhance the realism of your simulation applications.
3D Cloud Support
The new 3D cloud feature allows you to configure 3-dimensional clouds and cloud layers as an alternative to the existing cloud volume and 2D cloud layers.
Improved Interoperability
Vega Prime 13 natively supports the use of DIS and HLA communication protocols, as well as the CIGI standard as part of the base product. This includes out-of-the-box support for HLA Evolved. These capabilities are available at no additional cost with your Vega Prime license.
Enhanced CDB Support
Support for SpeedTree vegetation models in CDB, as well as loading Airport Lights and Environmental Lights from a CDB database have been added to enhance the realism of your CDB databases. In addition, support for integrated 2D layers in CDB provides the ability to overlay 2D features on top of the CDB terrain no matter what level of terrain is loaded.
New Samples
Dozens of new sample projects and configurations are included out-of-the-box to help you get started quickly.


Core Features

LynX Prime user interface

Allows for rapid application prototyping and modification, meaning that you can see changes within the application as you make them.

Platform-Independent API

Applications configured and developed on one platform may be deployed on another without code modification.

Virtual Texture

Provides the capability to render extremely high resolution imagery without affecting performance.

Correlated visual and sensor displays

Create correlated visual and sensor displays.

Modular environment

Allows you to mix and match necessary feature sets or to create your own custom functionality within the Vega Prime environment.

XML-based data interchange format

Offers maximum flexibility within other application frameworks.