Vega Prime

Simulation developers are always looking to achieve higher-quality 3D visuals at lower cost. Presagis Vega Prime is a comprehensive visualization toolkit that gives integrators and simulation developers everything they need to meet expectations of higher-performance, game-quality visuals for the most sophisticated simulated environments, on time and on budget.

Vega Prime’s modular architecture allows developers to tailor their development environment and build custom development modules to suit application requirements. They also benefit from a wide range of extensions, tight integration with the Presagis suite of content creation tools, and reliable, built-in support for distributed simulation networks.

Vega Prime 15 brings improved graphics capabilities and expanded support for high-quality 3D databases, making it the only visualization framework you need to rapidly configure, create, and deploy game-quality simulation applications.

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Vega Prime

Key Features

High-resolution performance

Sophisticated, high-performance rendering for game-quality visuals.

Standards-based open framework

Support for OpenFlight, MetaFlight, and Common Database (CDB) out-of-the-box.

Plug-in Architecture

Create accurately synthesized dynamic ocean surfaces with Vega Prime Marine, or choose from many other available plug-in extensions (Effects, Sensors, DI-Guy, Speedtree, Vortex) for specialized simulation applications.

Accurate visual and sensor display integration

Help ensure positive training outcomes with accurately correlated visual and sensor displays.

VAPS XT for simulated displays

Create dynamic 2D instrumentation and graphical overlays through seamless interoperability with VAPS XT.

Easily extend your Presagis solution

Tight integration with Creator, Terra Vista and Stage provides a complete simulation development solution.


Comprehensive Toolset

LynX Prime user interface

Allows for rapid application prototyping and modification, meaning that you can see changes within the application as you make them.

Platform-Independent API

Applications configured and developed on one platform may be deployed on another without code modification.

Virtual Texture

Provides the capability to render extremely high resolution imagery without affecting performance.

Modular environment

Allows you to mix and match necessary feature sets or to create your own custom functionality within the Vega Prime environment.

XML-based data interchange format

Offers maximum flexibility within other application frameworks.