Expectations for greater fidelity, realism, and scale are always increasing. Presagis STAGE gives developers the power to create more sophisticated simulation scenarios across massive gaming areas for operations, training, and analysis.

Unlike competing applications, STAGE offers an extendable, standards-based environment that comes complete with tools to help you develop rich scenarios including hundreds of entities out-of-the-box, with built-in doctrines, AI, and 2D & 3D viewing.


STAGE lets you build and simulate dynamic virtual environments with more natural character and vehicle behaviours for a wide range of applications, including:

  • System Specification and Design Analysis
  • Naval Training and Mission Rehearsal
  • Virtual Test Bench
  • Battle-Lab, Command & Control
  • Military Embedded Training
  • First Responders and Homeland Security
  • Network Centric Operations
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Key Features

Defense-proven track record

Trust a solution favored by the defense industry for flight training simulations.

Customizable UI

Customize the flexible STAGE UI to create and integrate streamlined mission-design and instructor stations into your applications.

Open, standards-based architecture

Extend simulation models and scenarios through a core architecture that was designed with that in mind. Seamlessly integrate STAGE with other Presagis software tools, and support for HLA and DIS protocols, CIGI, shared memory, and TCP/IP is included out-of-the-box.

Built-in AI

Create rich, nuanced character and vehicle behaviors with powerful, built-in STAGE artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Deterministic simulation

Rely on methods that guarantee predictable results when you need them.

Interactive terrain modification

Empower designers and instructors to modify scenarios and update terrain and feature placement without having to rebuild databases.

Extensive simulation library

Get up and running fast with an extensive library of simulation content.

Distributed networks support

Build open applications that interoperate with distributed network simulations, through tight integration with HLA (High-Level Architecture), DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation), and CIGI (Common Image Generator Interface).

Extensive database support

Import or integrate CGF (Computer-generated forces), WWDB (WorldWide Database), CDB (Common Database), and OpenFlight databases into your simulation applications.


Comprehensive Toolset

Supported platforms

  • Windows® 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Supported formats:

  • Common Database (CDB) Support:
    • Reads CDB natively
    • Allows scenario creation anywhere worldwide
    • AI.implant, 2D, and 3D viewers read data directly from the same source
  • OpenFlight Support:
    • Leverage existing databases
    • Leverage standard-based databases
  • Supported input formats:
    • Imagery in GeoTIFF format
      (WGS84 & Geographic earth models only)
    • Elevation data in DTED (0,1,2) format
  • GlobalMapper Integration:
    •  STAGE includes an integration with GlobalMapper providing the user with the ability to overlay GIS data on top of the Tactical Display (TD) to provide situational awareness that is reflective of real world operational systems.