Presagis STAGE is a complete simulation development toolkit that enables you to generate and execute complex scenarios for operations, training, and analysis. From flight simulation training to new concept analysis, STAGE provides a flexible and integrated simulation environment to build dynamic and interactive tactical and operational real-time simulation scenarios.

Drawing on more than 15 years of Presagis global leadership and pioneering expertise in the modeling and simulation industry, STAGE enables programmers and non-programmers alike to work in a flexible simulation development environment to build dynamic and interactive tactical and operational scenarios.

With STAGE, you can build and simulate dynamic virtual environments that include a wide array of models and intelligent characters—with full control of all aspects of your simulation.


From flight simulation training to new concepts analysis, STAGE is the ideal tool for solving critical problems in final simulation applications, including:

  • System Specification and Design Analysis
  • Naval Training and Mission Rehearsal
  • Virtual Test Bench
  • Battle-Lab, Command & Control
  • Military Embedded Training
  • First Responders and Homeland Security
  • Network Centric Operations

Core Components of STAGE

STAGE  is the most complete simulation product available on the market today. With one license, STAGE provides users with an ‘A to Z’ set of features based on a proven, highly deployed and adopted CGF.

STAGE allows you to author and animate, in real-time as well as in asynchronous time, synthetic tactical operations supporting multi-domain distributed exercises.

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Current Version

What's New in Version 13?

STAGE 13 has many new features designed to improve the overall ease of use and accelerate the scenario creation process.

New Simulation Content Out-of-the-box
New weapon types and models have been added to the content library. STAGE now includes new simulation content, such as laser-guided bombs, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and physics models (i.e., for gun bullets, artillery shells, rockets, and missiles).
AI.implant Integration
Core artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities from Presagis AI.implant have been integrated into STAGE 13. This includes improved vehicle and pedestrian navigation capabilities to increase the realism and accuracy of your simulation applications.
The new auto-population feature allows you to rapidly populate a user-defined area within a scenario with randomly placed ground entities (e.g., soldiers, military vehicles, civilian pedestrians, and civilian land vehicles) uniformly distributed over the area.
UI Improvements
The new Database and Scenario Tree Sorting capability enables you to better organize your simulation project. The Mission Editor includes a context-sensitive list to increase the ease of use of STAGE. In addition, you can now view buildings within the Tactical Map Display to help you more easily place entities.
Terrain Server Included
STAGE 13 is now distributed with the latest version of Presagis Terrain Server. Terrain Server is a scalable software platform that provides a full range of real-time terrain services to entities within a simulation such as height of terrain, material classification, and extended line of site.
New OS and Compiler Support
STAGE 13 now also supports:
  • Windows 7 64-bit, VC10
  • Linux RHE 6.X, 64-bit
  • Legacy support for Windows XP 32-bit, VC9


Core Features

Plug-in based architecture

Through its open API and plug-in architecture, STAGE can be integrated with most existing software applications. Not only can you customize the STAGE GUI, but some functionalities can be replaced by your own algorithms to meet your specific needs and integrate STAGE with offer new user modules required for your, or your customers', end applications.

  • Easily integrate new libraries and components built on the framework of the existing STAGE API
  • Customize the STAGE GUI with almost no limitation
  • Create dock-able windows
  • Add/remove or extend simulated systems
  • Personalize both views and the STAGE application itself

With STAGE 6.2 Presagis has delivered on its vision of a flexible, integrated simulation environment that offers an open, standards-based architecture while providing an enhanced feature set and seamless support for a full range of Presagis software products, third party applications, and industry database and communication standards.

Network centric collaborative and multi-domains exercises

Interoperability in STAGE enables users to simply connect through the integrated SIM OneNet based gateway with networks based on HLA, DIS or any other socket based communication protocols.

Industry standards

Presagis promotes reusability and use of industry standards with STAGE, as well as with all its COTS products.  STAGE can seamlessly interoperate in a distributed simulation environment and benefits from HLA and DIS protocol (HLA 1516, HLA 1.3 and DIS protocols ) support out-of-the-box. In addition, STAGE also leverages standards CIGI, shared memory and TCP/IP.

Supported platforms

  • Windows® 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Supported formats:

  • Common Database (CDB) Support:
    • Reads CDB natively
    • Allows scenario creation anywhere worldwide
    • AI.implant, 2D, and 3D viewers read data directly from the same source
  • OpenFlight Support:
    • Leverage existing databases
    • Leverage standard-based databases
  • Supported input formats:
    • Imagery in GeoTIFF format
      (WGS84 & Geographic earth models only)
    • Elevation data in DTED (0,1,2) format
  • GlobalMapper Integration:
    •  STAGE includes an integration with GlobalMapper providing the user with the ability to overlay GIS data on top of the Tactical Display (TD) to provide situational awareness that is reflective of real world operational systems.