Rotary-wing simulation developers create flight models for a wide range of military, civilian, and unmanned aircraft. HeliSIM provides the flexibility and ease of integration to build comprehensive helicopter flight models, faster. And it is ideal for safety critical simulation applications.

From building and evaluating existing and future rotary wing platforms, simulators, training equipment, and cockpits to developing part-task trainers, Presagis HeliSIM is the industry standard solution for creating high-fidelity rotary-wing flight dynamic simulation.

Use HeliSIM to:

  • Conceive and deploy a complete aerodynamic model for the real-time simulation of any rotary-wing aircraft without writing a single line of code
  • Test both aircraft design and aircraft performance under controlled, simulated conditions
  • Specify subsystems behavior, including flight management systems, autopilot, and flight controls
  • Easily integrate virtual and/or real hardware devices and user-development simulation modules
  • Quickly and easily tailor helicopter simulation by entering aerodynamics and environmental parameters into windows and dialog boxes rather than writing software routines to perform the simulation
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Key Features

Increased fuel tank support

New in HeliSIM 14. Add up to 10 fuel tanks to an aircraft model and transfer fuel freely between tanks. New controls let you freeze/unfreeze fuel consumption and reset fuel quantity during an exercise, as well as refuel from an outside source.

New Runtime Commands tool

New in HeliSIM 14. Send commands directly to a HeliSIM simulation without the need for a specific HMI or an instructor station.

Additional parameters

New in HeliSIM 14. Access new simulation variables in the Equation Editor and Plots utility including new Navaids receivers, aircraft information, and HeliSIM Help pop-ups for many parameters.

Automatic Flight Control System

A new Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) Data system has been added to act as an interface between the Equations of Motion (EoM) system and the following AFCS components:

  • AP Logic system
  • FMS Navigation system
  • FMS Guidance system
  • AP FCC system

Component Coordinates Editor

In addition to viewing the position of components, you can now use your mouse to reposition flight model components.

Linearization Changes

When designing the control system of your aircraft, you can now access information about an aircraft’s natural oscillatory modes directly from the DE, including:

  • Short period
  • Phugoid
  • Dutch roll
  • Roll subsidence
  • Spiral

New OS and Compiler Support

HeliSIM 14 now also supports:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
  • Linux RHE 6.X, 64-bit


Comprehensive Toolset

Aerodynamics modeling capabilities

  • Define each control surface on the aircraft
  • Specify each control law that converts pilot inputs into control surface deflection
  • Define the impact of the surface deflection on the aerodynamic coefficients
  • Specify the installed engine(s)

Simulate a wide variety of helicopters

  • Simulate rotary-wing aircraft with either rigid or flexible blade models and driven by either turboshaft, advanced turboshaft, or by a user-customized performance engine:
    • Large transport helicopters
    • Single or dual rotary
    • Combat helicopters
    • Remotely Piloted Vehicle / UAVs

HeliSIM simulates many physics-based models that can be deployed or replaced programmatically to bring realism to your simulation application

  • Blade Element Models
  • Electrical System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Earth System
  • Ambient System
  • Winds System
  • ADC System
  • Weight and Balance System
  • AP Logic System
  • FMS Navigation System
  • FMS Guidance System
  • AP FCC System
  • Engine Panel System
  • Engine System - Turboshaft (Basic)
  • Engine System - Turboshaft (Advanced)
  • Engine System - Performance Engine
  • UC Deployment System
  • UC Brake System
  • UC Forces System – Basic
  • UC Forces System - Advanced
  • UC Forces System - Skid
  • Flight Control System
  • Rotor 1 System - Rigid Blade
  • Rotor 1 System - Flexible Blade
  • Rotor 2 System - Main Rotor
  • Rotor 2 System - Tail Rotor
  • Aerodynamic System
  • Gearbox System
  • EoM System
  • DME System
  • VOR System
  • ADF System
  • TACAN System
  • ILS System
  • Marker Beacon System
  • Instruments System


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