VAPS XT for Simulation

Presagis VAPS XT provides a rapid prototyping, design, and deployment environment for the creation of 2D and 3D photorealistic graphical displays, including instrumentation and equipment models, specifically for real time 3D simulation and training applications. 

VAPS XT dramatically reduces time to market and improves both the visual quality and performance of any HMI application and because it integrates seamlessly with other Presagis simulation and visualization COTS software products, users can leverage the power of  VAPS XT in combination with the full spectrum of modeling and simulation software.


With its flexible core architecture and integrated logic capabilities, VAPS XT is the industry-leading tool for the development of simulated displays, cockpits, dashboards, and user interfaces. The open and extensible architecture in VAPS XT offers simulation developers an unparalleled level of control and flexibility in the development of simulation panels and overlays.

VAPS XT also features fully integrated UML-based logic design that allows both programmers and non-programmers to either visually create complex menu-based applications or assign complex behavior to graphical objects without having to write code or purchase additional software.

VAPS XT dramatically reduces time to market and improves both the visual quality and performance of any HMI application. And, because it integrates seamlessly with other Presagis simulation and visualization COTS software products, users can leverage the power of VAPS XT in combination with the full spectrum of modeling and simulation software. VAPS XT is already being used as a key prototyping and simulation tool by leading systems integrators, including Rockwell Collins, Boeing, and AgustaWestland.

Using VAPS XT, you can:

  • develop virtual flight displays ,including primary flight displays (PFD)
  • create graphics for full cockpit dashboards
  • create UAS ground station control panels
  • create embedded trainer controls

VAPS XT is the only HMI tool available that easily connects to mainstream simulation tools, including:

  • Presagis STAGE
  • Presagis FlightSIM and HeliSIM
  • Presagis Vega Prime
  • Presagis Lyra
  • Mathworks Simulink
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VAPS XT for Simulation

Current Version

Version 4.0.1 - New Features & Enhancements

ARINC 661 Support

Presagis enhances its support for ARINC 661 with new out-of-the-box widgets and infrastructure enhancements specific to ARINC 661 standards:

  • The UDP integration library makes it easier for users to develop distributed ARINC 661 compliant systems out-of-the-box. Also supports integration with the Flexible Software Solutions (FSS) UA Emulator and User Application Accelerator (UA2) products.
  • Expanded widget library with 16 new pre-built and coded widgets means getting started faster and less coding
  • Infrastructure enhancements support faster creation of ARINC 661 widgets and enhanced support for UA Layer development

General Design, Usability, and Performance

Release 4.0.1 also incorporates a wide range of design, usability, and performance improvements in order to help users simplify and streamline their HMI development:

  • Graphical canvas drawing usability enhancements for extremely precise modeling and design
  • Text improvements: multi-line text object, haloing on vector fonts, text string pop-up editor
  • CODE nGEN usability enhancements, including significant improvement in build times
  • Many other useful functional enhancements and performance improvements

Licensing and Development Environment Updates

  • License borrowing tool now supports bundles for increased flexibility
  • Pre-compiled libraries for Visual Studio 2008 for Windows XP 32-bit and Visual Studio 2010 for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Development environment: Windows 7 / Visual Studio 2010

Version 4.0 - New Features

ARINC 661 Support

In this next generation release, Presagis enhances its support for ARINC 661 with more built-in widgets and infrastructure elements specific to ARINC 661 standards, in order to provide a complete ARINC 661 Cockpit Display System (CDS) Development Solution. New features include:

  • Style Sets
  • SuperLayer
  • Picture Support
  • Entry Validation
  • Layer Instantiation
  • Text Editing Enhancement
  • Fixed Point Enhancement
  • Shape Styling
  • Angular Linear Replicate

Usability Enhancement Features

Release 4.0 also incorporates many general usability enhancements to the development environment in order to improve user workflow and productivity. Enhancements and features include:

  • Installation
  • Fonts
  • More Graphical Primitives
  • Action Language
  • Cursor Support
  • Picture Support
  • Sparse Array Support
  • Pop-Up support
  • Built table elements support
  • Rotation and Translation of Built Objects
  • Auto-completion
  • Data type compatibility check
  • Large Project Loading


Version 3.2.1 - New Features

Windows 7 Support

The VAPS XT 3.2.1 patch adds support for Windows 7 in 32-bit compatibility mode.


Version 3.2 - New Features & Enhancements

New Option: DO-178 CertMode

  • DO-178 CertMode is a new license-activated feature for projects requiring DO-178B up to level ‘A’ certification.
  • DO-178 CertMode provides a root project including all of the objects supported with certification artifacts in VAPS XT-178 CertKit.
  • DO-178 CertMode also provides specific code generator functionality to assist with the development of certifiable graphics, for example VAPS XT-178 produces warnings related to potential ‘illegal or safety issues’ within the application.
  • By activating the DO-178 CertMode feature, a standard VAPS XT for Embedded Systems license is upgraded to a VAPS XT-178 license.

VAPS XT \ SeaWind Integration

VAPS XT and SeaWind now come pre-integrated on standard embedded platform configurations. Both VAPS XT and SeaWind have been tuned and optimized to ensure strong interoperability between the products.

Major Code Generator Improvements

The VAPS XT code generator CODE nGEN has been updated and improved to meet stringent coding standards, applying over 300 rules from MISRA C++, HIC++, Effective C++, JSF++, and internal Presagis coding standards.

Usability Improvements

  • Code Generation Time Stamp: A new option has been added to VAPS XT to include a time stamp in CODE nGEN output.
  • ARINC 661 RotationContainer: The ARINC 661 RotationContainer has been upgraded to better meet the ARINC 661 standard. Widgets placed within the RotationContainer now have their coordinates referenced to the first parent with a PosX and PosY reference point; that is, the coordinates of child objects are now referenced to the center of rotation.
  • Removed dependency on Visual Studio MFC libraries: VAPS XT now supports Visual Studio 2008.

New Demonstration DVD

A new demonstration DVD is now included with VAPS XT containing completed applications including the VAPS XT project files.


Version 3.1 - New Features & Enhancements

Integration with SoftMap Digital Map Software

Integration with the SoftMap digital map software for the creation of applications with navigation maps directly in VAPS XT. SoftMap® is a product of General Dynamics, UK, used in generating platform independent software solutions for the display of multi-layered digital map, navigation, and terrain displays, as well as full tactical situation awareness systems. VAPS XT uses a new Digital Map object to manage placement of the digital map within an application. The Digital Map object is a container object which can contain Map, Intervisibility, Height-above-terrain (HAT), grid layers, two new Line Of Sight (LoS) layers, and VAPS XT overlays. An evaluation version of SoftMap is now provided with all versions of VAPS XT. To request a license for the SoftMap product, please contact

Click here to watch an informative web seminar about the digital map integration.

VAPS XT  SoftMap Integration

Support for Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 is now required to use VAPS XT 3.1.


Core Features

Unmatched Usability

  • User-friendly GUI is perfectly suited for both beginner and expert users
  • Drag-and-drop object creation.
  • C++ object-oriented architecture supports touch-controlled displays, interactive graphics, and menus.
  • Create, customize, and save new objects and then re-use across multiple projects.
  • Easy logic definition with integrated UML-based Statecharts.
  • Standards-based and human readable XML file format.
  • Easily add functionality and customize the tool with the user-extensible, model-based core architecture.
  • Award-winning online documentation.

High-Quality Object Creation

  • Raster file import capability.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) object creation.
  • Transparencies, texture-mapping, and smooth shading support.
  • Easily create interactive Windows-like displays using the included GUI object library.

Seamless integration with mainstream

  • Interoperable with STAGE for computer-generated forces in ground control stations, operational analysis, and training applications.
  • Integrates with FlightSIM HeliSIM for flight simulation, embedded training, test and integration, or early demonstration and validation.
  • Interoperable with The Mathworks Simulink for system behavioral modeling.
  • Features integration with 3D viewer OpenSceneGraph (OSG)
  • Industry-leading code generation enabled by CODE nGEN™
  • One-click executable creation.
  • C++ Code-Generation.
  • Runs on any PC.
  • Full-screen boderless execution.
  • Definable window size and position.
  • Integration of VAPS XT graphics in an external application.
  • Ability to extract individual components from code output.