In today’s market, content creators are challenged with ever-increasing expectations for high-performance models.  Even as schedules shrink, the demand for visual realism in 3D content is on the rise.

Presagis Creator is the original software for creating optimized 3D models for real-time simulation.  Designed specifically for simulation applications, Creator allows content developers to work natively with OpenFlight data to output highly optimized models with advanced surface materials and multiple levels-of-detail. And, because of its streamlined modeling process, Creator helps content developers meet expectations on schedule.

OpenFlight® is the de facto standard real-time 3D database file format and is the native output file format of Creator, offering comprehensive interactive control. The customizable extension capabilities of the OpenFlight format provide a common ground for its diverse users and a mechanism to save and re-use objects or environments for future projects.


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Key Features

Industry Standard

Designed around OpenFlight, the industry-standard content format tool for Simulation.

Extensive Toolkit

The Creator toolkit includes highly specialized wizards that help simplify the complex processes of modeling real-world objects and locations.

Optimized Content Generation

Enables the generation of uniquely optimized objects, characters, and areas-of-interest for high performance simulation with any simulation engine.

Realistic Visual Effects

Full support for today’s highly realistic visual effects, including lighting, occlusion, bump, specular, and reflection maps.

Integration With Terrain Generator

Features tight integration with Presagis Terra Vista for efficient end-to-end database creation.

What’s New

FBX Import

Creator now support the import of FBX file format. As a preferred format of the market leading game engines, the FBX format will give you the ability to augment your library of high quality 3D models found on most online stores.

Hot Spots

Provides the ability to model 3D parametric shapes as heat sources identifiers, in order to simulate heat emitting components, such as Engine Blocks, Tires, Exhaust Pipers, Heating and Air Conditioning systems.  

Roof Clutter ( Building Wizard )

As an important visual cues for pilots, roof top cluttering is now available in the Building Wizard. Through the use of procedural modeling rules, the coverage, orientation and location of 3D models on a roof top can be achieved effortlessly.


Comprehensive Toolset

Drag-and-Drop hierarchical view

Provides control over the rendering process as well as over the structure of your models.

Plug-in tool architecture

Facilitates custom tool development so that you can create solutions that extend Creator to suit your specific needs.


Generate runways, billboards, bridges, buildings, and tree models quickly and effectively.

Advanced polygon generation and editing tools

These tools quickly produce textured primitive geometry and organic shapes.

Texture power tools

Use common 2D concepts for easy 3D texture mapping.

Texture mapping tools

Easily applied and modified dynamic texture mapping tools.


Precise and reliable real-world unit and geo-coordinate authoring.

3D painting

Custom tool palette and integrated texture editor with 3D painting.

Advanced light string/light point modeling and editing

Advanced light string/light point modeling and editing directly feeds into real-time applications.

Radiosity tools

Automatic generation of light maps to significantly improve scene accuracy and realism.

Place model

Quickly and easily create architectural models and place these architectural features, such as doors and windows, on a building wall, or rapidly and easily place trees, vehicles, and other models into a scene.

Shader palette

Provides the capability to attach, preview, and control nVIDIA Cg and OpenGL shader programs to OpenFlight files to greatly improve the visual quality of models and scenes.

Expanded set of deformation tools

Facilitates the construction of more irregular or organic shaped geometry.

Surface Effects Processing

The Bake Normals tool allows content creators to transfer and preserve fine geometry details from high-resolution models to simpler, more efficient, geometry.To complement dynamic lighting and dramatically improve realism, the Bake Ambient Occlusion tool allows for the automatic creation of ambient shadow textures that darken cracks and corners.

Extended Materials

The extended materials in Creator allow content creators to employ fully correlated materials and effects maps between MetaFlight and CDB for higher quality results.