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V5D for Unreal

V5D for Unreal

Load geospatial digital twins and synthetic environments in Unreal Engine

Enhance. Visualize. Immerse.

V5D for Unreal enables Unreal Engine users to build simulation applications on large geospatial digital twins by:

  • Rendering commonly available geospatial formats
  • Integrating with 3rd party simulation tools
V5D for Unreal is a comprehensive Unreal Engine (UE) plugin that not only lets you create and deploy game-quality visuals for simulations, but it also allows you to scale and extend the application to achieve high-density scenes across wide geographic areas in real-time.
  • Providing a modular 3D synthetic environments toolkit, ‘V5D for Unreal’'s flexible plugin lets developers render 3D digital twins, and seamlessly connect 3rd party simulation tools.

  • Reach unprecedented levels of realism using Open Geospatial Consortium Common Databases (OGC CDB) or directly GIS data sources.

  • The plugin is ideally suited for the efficient rendering of very large, high-resolution areas – from out-of-the-window content to highly realistic sensor views when combined with Ondulus-family sensors (Soon available in Unreal Engine 5).

  • Use Unreal Engine to deploy any 3D application using large geospatial digital twins or synthetic environments.


Highly efficient CDB and GIS source loading
  • Fully multi-threaded – built for performance and high frame rates
  • Built from years of experience in CDB loading optimization
Leverages all of the game engine quality
  • Full lighting model support with shadows and reflections
  • Supports PBR (material for light reflection, water)
Runtime rendering enhancement from CDB datasets
  • Procedural imagery enhancement
  • Procedural road surface textured polygon support from CDB road vector
Support for simulation
  • Ability to activate physics and collision mesh around the viewpoint
  • Supports DIS, CIGI, Ncom, HAT/HOT messages, special effects, and animations
Precision with accurate local projections
  • No spherical approximation

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V5D for Unreal

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En quoi pouvons-nous vous aider?

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