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The World Like You Have Never Seen

Gone will be the days of crossing fingers and hoping that your dynamic synthetic environment correlates properly. You will no longer need to rely on time-consuming builds, exports or publishing to get a glimpse of your projects. And never again will you have to beg, borrow, or steal time in the IG to view and validate your days and weeks of work.


Because ORB ViewR.

Coming soon, the ORB ViewR is a free, standalone application powered by the Unreal Engine that gives users the ability to explore their worldwide synthetic environments through photo-realistic rendering (including round-earth), and out-the-window views with the smooth, seamless performance inherent with gaming technology.

Huge synthetic environment? No problem. Whereas gaming applications typically load smaller amounts of content locally, the ORB ViewR is able to stream massive amounts of data from an external host. From megacities to the One World Terrain, users will be able to interactively view, analyze, and validate entire synthetic environments – regardless of size or density – with exceptional paging performance.

Using the ORB ViewR, content creators can:

  • Save countless hours by identifying content issues early
  • Become more autonomous and not rely on other departments or applications to view and validate a synthetic environment.
  • Explore terrains as small as a city block, or as large as the whole planet, or One World Terrain (OWT)
  • Stream and view limitless amounts of data and enjoy superior paging performance

Provided free of charge as a downloadable executable, the Presagis ORB ViewR is capable of viewing geospatial data, and massive environments – from megacities to the entire planet.

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