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3D Environments Toolbox for ArcGIS

3D Environments Toolbox for ArcGIS

The ability to create and implement detailed and realistic 3D content in ArcGIS has never been easier.

Whether on your desktop or in the cloud, the new Presagis 3D Environments Add-In allows the easy export of an i3S scene layer to ArcGIS Online.

The Presagis 3D Environments Add-In for ArcGIS includes tools for 3D model and data format conversion for i3S, 3D Tiles, glTF and OpenFlight. It is also equipped with 3D building templates, which provide access to the Presagis styling algorithms and texture libraries.

Designed for Esri ArcGIS Pro, the toolbox extension allows you to not only rapidly transform 3D Data, but create 3D virtual environments from vector data as well.

Leveraging its knowledge and expertise in the Modelling and Simulation industry, and its most commonly used formats, Presagis is offering Esri users a 3D Environments Add-In incorporated it into the ESRI ecosystem. This toolbox contains a set of tools to create, transform and extract a variety of different 3D formats, and provides seamless interoperability between ArcGIS and a wide range of modeling & simulation applications.

Employing an integrated approach, the Presagis 3D Environments Add-In is streamlined for ArcGIS users, and allows the easy transformation of 3D files.

In The News

Soon after the Esri UC 2021, Presagis Product Manager Cesar Suarez sat down with GIS Cafe's Sanjay Gangal. They discuss Presagis' history, their VELOCITY content creation and simulation, as well as the new 3D Environments Add-In for Esri ArcGIS.

Partnerships that Work

As a Silver member of the Esri Partner Network, Presagis is in an ideal position to supply the ArcGIS community with tools and solutions geared toward 3D data formats, simulation, modeling and gaming technology.

3D Enablement

By helping bridge GIS and M&S capabilities, Presagis can assist Esri customers from the national security or smart city markets achieve immersive, simulation-ready 3D environments in a familiar environment with their own data.

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