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M&S Suite 18 Promotion

M&S Suite 18 Promotion

A limited-time offer for M&S Suite customers


Never has it been so easy to Turn Pro.

For a limited time, Presagis has launched a new promotion that allows you to upgrade to our Pro version at no extra cost.

By purchasing a two year maintenance contract on the base version of Creator, Terra Vista, STAGE, or Vega Prime, users will be upgraded to the Pro version and have access to additional features, functionalities and modules.

Pro Advantages

Creator Pro

  • Advanced polygon and terrain modeling and vector editing features
  • Road Tools
  • Building Interior Wizard

Terra Vista Pro

  • Output to FBX, OTF, Vector, VBS, and many more formats
  • Includes Terra Vista Builder which facilitates the independent and simultaneous management, allocation, validation and building of large-scale terrains

Vega Prime Pro

  • Special effects (such as missile trails, rotor wash, light lobes, particles, SilverLinings™ 3D clouds, SpeedTree™ and camera effects)
  • Distributed rendering
  • Marine, which allows users to add realistic, dynamic water surfaces


  • Full range of artificial intelligence capabilities

To purchase maintenance, click the Purchase Maintenance button, or visit the Presagis Maintenance page.