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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

VELOCITY 5D empowers architects, engineers, and builders to create digital twins of facilities, neighborhoods, cities, and countries.

Change airport configurations, add buildings, remove sections, or simulate virtually any weather and traffic conditions.

From airports and telecommunications, to roadways and railways, the monumental task of guiding infrastructure projects is – at the best of times – a challenge.

To meet these infrastructure management challenges, today’s architects, engineers, developers, and builders are increasingly able to leverage and integrate technological advances in AI/machine learning, 3D visualization and rendering, and game engines. In order to model and simulate project design alternatives, the ability to quickly create a digital twin environment is invaluable.

A global leader in the creation of 3D dynamic virtual environments and simulation applications for decision-support in the Defense and National Government sectors, Presagis introduces VELOCITY 5D to the infrastructure management market.

Digital Twin

VELOCITY 5D is an AI-powered automated content creation pipeline that allows for the rapid production of 3D maps, simulation-ready environments, and digital twins. Using private, commercial, or public GIS data (or any combination thereof), VELOCITY 5D can quickly produce ready-to-use virtual environments, or be installed on-premise in order to produce your own content. Other features include:

  • Automates the creation and updating of large scale 3D virtual environments
  • Enables users - via assets management - to graphically assemble content production pipelines (user friendly)
  • Flexible and Customizable architecture to answer specific customer database requirements
  • Data Distribution from private cluster server to Cloud

VELOCITY 5D can create a 3D digital twin that will integrate both city assets and infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of information across multiple agencies.

Partenariats constructifs

En tant que membre Argent du Réseau de partenaires Esri, Presagis occupe une position idéale pour proposer à la communauté ArcGIS des outils et des solutions orientés vers des formats de données 3D, la simulation, la modélisation et la technologie de jeu.

Activation 3D

Grâce aux liens tissés entre SIG et M-S, Presagis est en mesure d’aider les clients d’Esri présents sur les marchés de la sécurité nationale ou des villes intelligentes à obtenir à partir de leurs propres données des environnements 3D immersifs, prêts pour la simulation, dans un environnement familier.

GIS information is used to accurately generate powerlines in Oahu (Above). VELOCITY 3D environments can be generated and viewed using sensors, Shown here is an example of electro-optical and SWIR (short wave infrared) sensors. (Below)

Multiple Sources

VELOCITY 5D enables organizations to not only create environments from a wide range of sources, but allows you to showcase analytics using accurate visualization – even in a web interface.

Available sources include:

  • Virtually all traditional GIS sources:
  • Imagery
  • Elevation
  • Sensor Data
  • Point cloud
  • Surface Materials
  • Hyperspectral imagery
  • Material classification
  • Coastlines & Waterways
  • Bathymetry Data
  • Roads & other transportation networks
  • More...
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