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Content on Demand | @IITSEC

Content on Demand | @IITSEC

Simulation-Ready Databases Off the Shelf

Reduce delays with Presagis Content on Demand.

Imagine having access to simulation-ready databases of any location on earth with only a few clicks. With Presagis Content on Demand, users can access our web-based platform to select, customize, and download content (terrain, buildings, models, textures, materials, etc.) for immediate use in their projects. Content is available in multiple formats, including CDB.

Content on Demand can greatly reduce delays in terms of manpower, data preparation, and database generation

Content-On-Demand Features

  • E-commerce platform to search, query and download Presagis CDBs and assets
  • Capability to provide quotes for new areas requested
  • Integration with VELOCITY 5D – Create, for further enhance such CDBs
  • Integration with VELOCITY 5D – Simulate, for rapid simulation deployments

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