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Used worldwide by military organizations as well as agencies involved in space exploration and medicine, DIS is a mature open standard for conducting real-time platform level simulations across multiple host computers.
The Standard

The DIS protocol ensures secure and accurate communication between multiple simulations linked together in a network. Because these different simulations each speak a different language or a distinct dialect of the same language, the DIS protocol was developed to facilitate communication amongst the various members of a network. DIS encodes simulation state information in formatted messages called Protocol Data Units (PDUs) that are exchanged between hosts using existing transport layer protocols, such as the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

The current version of DIS defines 67 different PDU types, encapsulating all types of information about a simulation including entity states, logistics, radio communications, and warfare. A simulation application must support a certain PDU if it wishes to send/receive that type of information over a distributed simulation.

Presagis DIS Support

Presagis offers complete support for this real-time simulation protocol through its comprehensive portfolio of modeling and simulation software solutions. STAGE, FlightSim and HeliSim have been using and handling DIS since 1998. In 2007, SIM OneNet began supporting the DIS standard, and it offers the missing link between DIS and the HLA standard.

Des experts qui aident des experts

Des experts qui aident des experts

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