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Computer Generated Forces (CGF)—also sometimes referred to as Semi Automated Forces (SAF)—enable you to create high-fidelity simulations to train individuals for the ever-changing realities of the 21st century.

CGF software provides the building blocks for creating tactical simulations requiring more than one entity. At the highest level, the software also enables you to both import 2D terrain formats and add platforms to your simulation, including

  • specific areas of interest,
  • mission editing functionality,
  • varying levels of sensor fidelity,
  • simulated weapons,
  • countermeasures,
  • other features.

CGF software may be deployed

  • as a threat generator,
  • in tandem with other customized behavior scripts or AI software,
  • as a test environment for custom behaviors and vehicle dynamics,
  • embedded within another simulation,
  • as a front-end GUI to a simulation application, for example an IOS station.

To satisfy rapidly changing simulation needs, CGF software solutions from Presagis are customizable and extendible. STAGE is interoperable with different open standards communication protocols, including DIS and HLA, so that, in federated exercises, these SAF/CGF systems can interface with integrated human-in-the-loop simulators and Stealth viewers.