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vI/ITSEC 2020

vI/ITSEC 2020

29 November 2021

Through innovation and research, Presagis is pushing the boundaries of simulation. Stop by our I/ITSEC 2021 booth to see the next generation.

Booth 2334

Content On Demand is part of the VELOCITY 5D Ecosystem


Save time with Presagis Content on Demand

With Presagis Content on Demand, users can access our web-based platform to select, customize, and download content (terrain, buildings, models, textures, materials, etc.) for immediate use in their projects. Content is available in multiple formats, including CDB.


Presagis VELOCITY 5D: Building next generation content

Whether using your own data or content acquired from Content On Demand, the Presagis V5D ecosystem has reimagined the way you build, generate, edit, and deploy your ready-to-use content.


Presagis M&S integration with gaming environments

Presagis set the pace early by providing the M&S community with Unreal Engine integration. Presagis is eager to demonstrate how Unreal Engine is playing a larger role in our offerings.


Presagis helps you centralize and deploy to the point of need

As the market moves toward centralized solutions delivered to the point of need, Presagis invites you to see how we're taking both content and simulations to the point of need at I/ITSEC 2021.


Presagis + MOSA: Featuring our I/ITSEC integration partners

Don’t believe the myth that COTS software leads customers on a path to vendor-lock. As a middleware provider of choice, Presagis solutions have always been built on MOSA principles and open APIs. Our next generation of tools are no different, in this regard, and our I/ITSEC 2021 booth will host presentations from prominent integration partners to prove it.

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