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Solution Architect (71514)

Position Type: Regular

Location: Orlando

Role and Responsibilities

Pre-Proposal Phase

  • The Solution Architect will advise technically Presagis Management Team on customer requirements of complex projects in terms of feasibility and strategic alignment on the decision to Pursue or Not Pursue an opportunity.
  • The Solution Architect will support sales department by outlining a technical solution based on the customer requirements and competitive landscape in order to highlight Presagis differentiators. The Solution Architect will participate in writing White Paper explaining such discriminators. The Solution Architect will provide Rough Order of Magnitude when requested. The overall aim is to influence the customer requirements as early as possible.
  • The Solution Architect will participate in customer presentations together with the sales department, highlighting the benefits of the expected technical solution in Modelling, Simulation & Visualization, and of the roadmaps of the various products.
  • The Solution Architect may lead technical demonstrations. She/he will mentor Engineering and Application Engineers on the way to create solution-focused demonstration, adapted to customer needs, getting the best of the various Presagis and Third Party products.

Proposal Phase

  • In coordination with the Sales Opportunity Owner who will gather the customer hot buttons, winning themes and competitive landscape and with the Bid Manager who will lead the proposal overall management, the Solution Architect will imagine the technical solutions promoted in the proposal. Guided by the Sales Opportunity owner, the solution will be optimized for price or compliance.
  • The Solution Architect will explain during the Proposal Kick Off the outline solution envisaged so that all stakeholders are working with a shared technical strategy.
  • The Solution Architect will coordinate with:
  • Engineering to gather the proper technical and human resources,
  • Project Management to establish and challenge the solution schedule
  • Product Management to take into consideration the various products roadmaps. If need be, she/he will influence such roadmaps.
  • Third Parties / prime / sub-contractors when needed by a technical or opportunity stand point
  • The Solution Architect will write the technical and programmatic portion of the proposal supported by the above-mentioned entities.
  • The Solution Architect will provide detailed list of assumption of the technical solution in order to support risk and scope management during program execution.
  • The Solution Architect will provide risk management input to the project manager (not necessarily part of the proposal exposed to the customer)
  • The Solution Architect will write the Statement of Work linking the Third Parties Partners / sub-contractors
  • The Solution Architect will participate in gathering and challenging the various cost estimates received.
  • The Solution Architect will participate in the various reviews of the proposal to make sure it is compliant with the requirements (Pink Review) and in line with the winning themes identified by the sales department (Red Review).
  • The Solution Architect will support the Bid Manager in preparing the cost and price reviews for Presagis Management team prior to Bid Submission.

Negotiation and Hand Over Phase

  • When requested, the Solution Architect will present and further explain the proposal to the customer.
  • When requested, the Solution Architect will update the proposal together with the various stakeholders in order to take into consideration the customer feedback.
  • After successful award by the customer, the Solution Architect will brief Project Management and Engineering on any additional information needed to execute the project.
  • The Solution Architect will participate in gathering lessons learned during the overall capture in order to improve the entire organization.
  • The Solution Architect will participate in project execution ISO9001 lesson’s learned in order to recap on execution and improve solution development and estimation.

Research and Development

  • The Solution Architect will maintain her/his technical knowledge up to date on all Presagis products. She/he may be carrying out some service contracts or maybe responsible for carrying out special projects of interest in order also to improve the technical knowledge of Presagis focusing in emerging domains such as Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicle, Digital Twin, 5G or Internet of Things. The Solution Architect may work with Academia in this regards.