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V5D Launch News: Putting Digital Twins in Context

V5D Launch News: Putting Digital Twins in Context

Par Presagis
Staff Blogger
15 nov. 2022

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We are pleased to announce the Presagis VELOCITY 5D (V5D) cloud-based 3D digital twin production platform is now live and ready for operational use in applications as diverse as Smart City Management, Large Area Mapping, Defense, Infrastructure/Utility Security, Asset Tracking, Disaster Preparedness, and Urban Planning.

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Those of you who have been in the geospatial profession for a while have probably heard a lot of hype about digital twins in the past year or so. You may even be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal about digital twins?” or “Why should I create a digital twin of my town, city, or nation?”

And those of you who know Presagis as a long-time provider of modeling, simulation and embedded software solutions to the aerospace, defense, security, and critical infrastructure markets are likely asking, “What’s so special about the Presagis digital twin solution?” or “Why should I choose V5D?” Those are all good questions, so let’s address them in order.

Why create a digital twin?

We have all gotten used to the birds-eye view of the typical 2D GIS where we get a unique, often synoptic, perspective of our location and its surrounding. This helps us better recognize spatial relationships, especially as they relate to distance and area. Digital twins, however, introduce the third dimension which creates an immersive experience where we can interact with the virtual world from the same perspective as we do in real life.

In the digital twin, we can walk along the sidewalk or drive down the street viewing objects and features from the familiar point of view that helps us to better understand what’s going on. And when we load layers of geographic information representing different dates, we can see what has happened over time, the fourth dimension.

Through the application of advanced visualization and simulations technologies, all of this 2D, 3D and even 4D geospatial data can be combined with other information inputs from the Internet of Things, demographic sources, and historical occurrences. The digital twin then has the power to reveal context, the fifth dimension, or 5D. (More on this in a few paragraphs.)

That’s where Presagis enters the picture, which leads us to that next question:

Why V5D from Presagis?

At Presagis, we have decades of experience building complex software solutions, and we put our heads together to develop a cloud-based platform that makes digital twin generation as fast and easy as possible. In fact, V5D is so easy to learn that it takes no special geospatial expertise to convert massive volumes of 2D data into a high-fidelity digital twin. And don’t worry about format – V5D ingests GIS vector layers, imagery, and other structured and unstructured data sets of any size or type. In terms of speed, the automated V5D process produces a nation-wide digital twin in hours, not days.

Those users whose applications rely on super realism will appreciate V5D’s use of game engine technology to stream data at the pixel level, which means the spatial and spectral content of every pixel is preserved in the digital twin. For those GIS users who may not have complete data representing all the objects and features in their environment, Presagis has built a library of features and structure templates so can drop vehicles, trees, houses, and buildings into your 3D scene – great for modeling hypothetical situations.

Most importantly, Presagis has developed V5D with Context in mind. Leveraging AI and other technologies, V5D digital twins are made for visualization and simulation of the dynamic world around us. Users can view historical changes over time to better understand how and why we arrived at the present place in time. And they can simulate different conditions, challenges, and risks to analyze and predict what might occur in the future.

This provides the context that reveals patterns of life, human interactions, crowd behaviors, vehicle traffic movement, and other complex relationships. By enabling users to easily put locations and events in context, V5D empowers deeper understanding, lucid planning, and informed decision making.

Check out V5D today!


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