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Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Capturing real world complexity and transforming it into a virtual one.

Digital Twins: The Convergence of M&S and Geospatial Intelligence

At this very moment, vast amounts of information are being relentlessly generated and collected from diverse sources – structured or unstructured.

The Geospatial industry is witnessing demand growth from more and more sectors integrating geospatial solutions in their daily workflow management. In turn, geospatial information/data has become vital for getting required, precise locations.

Currently two separate industries have existed that cover individual process as well as serve different markets and needs: GIS and M&S. And until now, nobody had covered the entire process.

Whether for the GeoINT, Infrastructure Management, or Defense sectors, Presagis solutions are able to examine all reliable and accurate information, clean, organize and standardize the data to create a competitive advantage.

A global leader in the creation of 3D dynamic virtual environments and simulation applications for decision-support, Presagis supplies the defense and national government sectors, as well as the emerging markets of Smart Cities and autonomous vehicles.

Our products can help agencies and organizations produce better, more precise simulation and instrument-ready 3D environments faster.

More Data. New Requirements.

Growing volumes of geospatial data are driving new requirements in data analytics, 4D visualization, urban terrain simulation and modeling.

Presagis, through the VELOCITY 5D ecosystem, is able to exploit Geo Big Data by:

  • GIS data Extraction, AI processing and labeling, Multi-source Fusion and Inference to create instrumented data ready for simulation
  • Continuous updates as new data becomes available
  • Timeline - from historical data through present and future data (inferred or what-if scenarios)
  • Data Distribution from local server to Cloud offering
  • Flexible and Customizable architecture to answer specific customer requirements
Simulation-Ready Environments. Now.

Simulation-Ready Environments. Now.

V5D Content On Demand gives you immediate access to simulation-ready databases of dozens of locations around the world.

Whether you are working on a new region of the world and need specific location data, or are updating an existing 3D environment, Content On Demand gives you quick and easy access to detailed and accurate databases.

Experts Helping Experts

Experts Helping Experts

In order to support our customers' development efforts we offer a wide variety of Services including product training, product customization, content development, and product adoption guidance.