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From concept to deployment, create interactive, real-time HMIs within a model based development environment.

Presagis’ VAPS XT is an easy-to-use yet powerful full-featured software tool for the rapid development of interactive graphical HMI displays for avionics and other embedded applications. Capture requirements and design; express functionality in integrated state charts and automatically generate code that implements the design. VAPS XT is the only graphics tool of its kind that allows users to define both object appearance and display logic in one easy graphical editor. Working together and using the automatic code generator CodeNGen – developers and human factors experts can define the look and feel of an object or group of objects, assign behavior, and subsequently generate a stand-alone executable of their applications. Furthermore, through a flexible porting approach, VAPS XT applications can be easily deployed to virtually any embedded target with excellent performance.

Key New Features

VAPS XT 4.2 is a major update with new video support and font management capabilities and other functionality added to the development framework so developers can efficiently create more modern and advanced user interfaces at a reduced level of risk.

Fonts Rendering
  • Support for large non-western and special character fonts.
  • Ability to deploy on embedded hardware without a need for third-party support.
  • High quality fonts to match high resolution displays.
  • Provides design flexibility for switching font styles, sizes and types.
VAPS XT 4.2 - Special Characters Font Display
Live Video Support

We have developed live video support that allows:

  • To review captured video file information.
  • Receive video from networks.
  • For sensor fusion display.
  • External equipment display.
  • Network streams, video files, live cameras.
  • Merge symbology and video.

The supported sources are files, network streams, inbuilt cameras, and user defined sources.


  • Resize and Scaling Controls: allow video manipulation to match different data sizes, perform pan and zoom, automatic video sizing.
  • Support for symbology overlay on video: for sensor fusion, navigation support, tactical awareness.
  • Chroma key and alpha blending support: allows video blending and mixing to remove backgrounds and support overlaying multiple sources.
  • Ability to change video source after code generation: video source is not hardcoded into application, supports deployment of same application to multiple environments, allows prototypes and testing to be developed more flexibly.
Live Video Suppport

VAPS XT 4.2 editor enables the integration of live video support through its Video Object.

Live Video Suppport
Support for ARINC 661 Development


  • Support of import/export of ARINC 661 standard XML.
  • Support export of VAPS XT 3.2.1 layers and DFs.

Increased number of sample widgets in library

  • Widget interfaces for all Supplement 6 widgets.

Supplement 6 Support

  • International Character encoding.
  • Support of ARINC 661 Touch Gestures.