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Turnkey Simulators

Turnkey Simulators

Customize and adapt our turnkey platforms to meet your operational needs

It's all about adapting

The CRAFT series’ open architecture design delivers unprecedented freedom to customize a platform that can be easily adapted to meet your tactical and procedural training, or operational goals.

Presagis can build and deliver your custom simulator at a very competitive cost with short delivery time. From full software to complete full fight simulators with hardware, Presagis delivers astounding dynamics and realism to match your requirements.

CRAFT Series for tactical or procedural training

The Presagis CRAFT Series simulators are platforms designed for clients that require high-fidelity simulation solutions that are competitively priced. Our customized CRAFT can cover a wide range of training situations.

A CRAFT Turnkey simulator typically includes:

  • Flight and subsystems simulation models
  • Reproduction of HMI interfaces and avionic displays
  • Geo typical synthetic environments
  • Rich Scenarios with interactive 3D models
  • Instructor operator station
  • Hardware, from simple ground control stations to full flight motion cockpits.


  • Training on systems and subsystems such as NAVAIS or FMS
  • Training in degraded visual environment
  • Man Unmanned Teaming situations and environments

Tactical training

  • Ownship recovery due to environmental events such as fires, mean winds, or turbulences
  • Slung load operation and winching
  • Deck landing in rough seas
  • Target tracking of convoys in civilian environments
  • Role play station for instructor to pilot enemy aircraft alongside level D simulators
Simulators grow with their users.

Rest assured that with Presagis, your simulator has been built on a modular platform. Through the use of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) tools in an open architecture, CRAFT solutions offer unprecedented freedom to continuously customize and build.

The CRAFT Series is comprised of HELI CRAFT, to build any helicopter simulator, and UAV CRAFT, for fixed or rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulators.

Each CRAFT has been designed for the training community and boasts high-fidelity flight and avionics systems with physics-based IR, Radar sensors and weapons, as well as built-in Computer Generated Forces.

The flexibility of the CRAFT Series’ modular, open-architecture system allows for Presagis to adapt the platform to your specific needs.

Interested in Trying Presagis CRAFT Software?

Interested in Trying Presagis CRAFT Software?

Whether you want to schedule a demo, or just want to learn more about our CRAFT products, we are ready to help.
Experts Helping Experts

Experts Helping Experts

In order to support our customers' development efforts we offer a wide variety of Services including product training, product customization, content development, and product adoption guidance.

Presagis Maintenance

Presagis Maintenance

Support, online training, product enhancements, and Customer Portal access are just some of the benefits of Presagis Maintenance.