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Terra Vista

Terra Vista

Terra Vista is a terrain generation software that can convert imagery, elevation, vectors, and other geospatial data into optimized 3D simulation-ready virtual environments.


Map. Route. Generate.

Today’s simulations require high-fidelity correlated terrain at multiple levels-of-detail (LOD) across a wide range of image-generators and network simulation standards.

Terra Vista is a terrain generation software that gives content creators, integrators and database developers the tools they need to handle everything from the extreme scales required for jet simulation to the high level of detail (LOD) necessary for tactical ground operations, and large urban environments.

Built-in wizards and viewers, as well as seamless integration with Presagis Creator lets you simplify your workflow and easily update a database, convert source data, or edit a building or model template.

Terra Vista can use multiple forms of data from a wide array of sources, such as satellite imagery, elevation, vectors, and other GIS data and convert it into 3D simulation-ready virtual environments. Terra Vista not only boasts import and export capabilities for all major 3D and GIS data formats on the market, it also supports all major Semi-Automated Forces (SAF), and Computer-Generated Forces (CGF).

By supporting a wide range of industry-standard data formats, image generators, and network simulation standards, Terra Vista is ideal for building virtual environments for ground, air, maritime, and urban military operations.

To maximize reusability, interoperability and lower costs, Terra Vista supports all major industry standards including OpenFlight and OGC CDB formats. Additional supported formats are Presagis TerraPage, DTED, ASCII, GeoTiff, ECW, and Shapefile source data formats.

How can Terra Vista benefit you?
  1. Sophisticated Database Correlation: By correlating databases at the vertex level, Terra Vista ensures that multiple database formats will not conflict, thus avoiding time-consuming manual repair and guaranteeing “Fair Fight” across distributed simulation systems.
  2. Faster Processing and Reduced Build Times: Terra Vista allows for the distributed processing of very large, complex, and dense terrain databases within a networked environment for faster processing and reduced build times.
  3. Unmatched Import/Export Options: Avoid re-creating a database from scratch, by being able to import a very wide range of data formats.
  4. Presagis M&S Suite Integration: Integration within the Presagis M&S Suite means uninterrupted workflow and collaboration in the creation of databases; from terrain and models, to simulation and visualization.
  5. Supports Open Standards and Formats: To maximize reusability and to help lower user costs, Terra Vista also supports and embraces open standards, including OpenFlight and OGC CDB.
Terra Vista Builder
Maximize Power. Reduce Costs.

When building a large-scale project, using multiple machines to process tasks is both an efficient and time-saving option. By using Terra Vista Builder, you can equip additional machines with cost-effective applications that help manage, allocate, and validate the building process so you can maximize your processing power with speed and reliability, all the while liberating your editing machine.

Additional functionalities include:

  • Jobs distribution independent from client so you can easily connect and disconnect build nodes.
  • Simultaneous projects building
  • More dynamic building management
  • Parallelizable finalize/ merge process (OGC CDB only)
  • A new robust infrastructure
  • Web interface for build monitoring
  • Easy deployment