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An indispensable tool in the creation of true-to-life scenarios.


Define. Generate. Simulate.

STAGE is an indispensable tool in the creation of true-to-life scenarios. Dynamic environments with natural character and vehicle behavior can be further enhanced with complex interactions, communications, and realistic engagements.

STAGE lets you build and simulate virtual environments for a wide range of applications, including:

  • UAS operations
  • Air combat operations
  • Border patrol and border crossings
  • Battle labs
  • Urban combat operations
  • Naval training
  • Mission rehearsals
  • Command and control
  • Military embedded training
  • First responders and Homeland Security
  • Crowd evacuations for emergency response
  • System specifications and design analysis
  • Network-centric operations
  • Virtual test bench

STAGE users are empowered to create more sophisticated simulation scenarios across massive gaming areas for operations, training, and analysis.

Like all tools from the Presagis M&S Suite, STAGE is built on a highly-customizable, modular architecture which permits developers to replace, integrate, or modify doctrines or simulation models.

STAGE offers an extendable, standards-based environment that comes complete with tools to help you develop rich scenarios including hundreds of entities out-of-the-box, with built-in doctrines, AI, and 2D & 3D viewing.

How can STAGE benefit you?
  1. Quick Scenario Development: STAGE allows users quickly integrate new vehicles, sensors, weapons and computer-generated forces, extend simulation doctrines and mission capabilities.
  2. Reduce Negative Training: Through highly accurate simulations, and real-life patterns and behaviors for human characters and vehicles.
  3. Rapid Database Creation and Reusability: By leveraging OGC CDB, STAGE allows for rapid database creation and modification, and reduces the redundancy of starting databases “from scratch”.
  4. Easy Pathfinding: Dynamic area-based AI pathfinding reduces the time-consuming task of specifying detailed paths for entities.

How Can Presagis Help You?

From manufacturers and governments, to system integrators and consultants, Presagis has the tools and expertise to help you make it real. By answering a few questions, we can help suggest solutions that best match your profile.