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An indispensable tool in the creation of true-to-life scenarios.


Define. Generate. Simulate.

STAGE is an indispensable tool in the creation of true-to-life scenarios. Dynamic environments with natural character and vehicle behavior can be further enhanced with complex interactions, communications, and realistic engagements.

STAGE lets you build and simulate virtual environments for a wide range of applications, including:

  • UAS operations
  • Air combat operations
  • Border patrol and border crossings
  • Battle labs
  • Urban combat operations
  • Naval training
  • Mission rehearsals
  • Command and control
  • Military embedded training
  • First responders and Homeland Security
  • Crowd evacuations for emergency response
  • System specifications and design analysis
  • Network-centric operations
  • Virtual test bench

STAGE users are empowered to create more sophisticated simulation scenarios across massive gaming areas for operations, training, and analysis.

Like all tools from the Presagis M&S Suite, STAGE is built on a highly-customizable, modular architecture which permits developers to replace, integrate, or modify doctrines or simulation models.

STAGE offers an extendable, standards-based environment that comes complete with tools to help you develop rich scenarios including hundreds of entities out-of-the-box, with built-in doctrines, AI, and 2D & 3D viewing.

How can STAGE benefit you?
  1. Quick Scenario Development: STAGE allows users quickly integrate new vehicles, sensors, weapons and computer-generated forces, extend simulation doctrines and mission capabilities.
  2. Reduce Negative Training: Through highly accurate simulations, and real-life patterns and behaviors for human characters and vehicles.
  3. Rapid Database Creation and Reusability: By leveraging OGC CDB, STAGE allows for rapid database creation and modification, and reduces the redundancy of starting databases “from scratch”.
  4. Easy Pathfinding: Dynamic area-based AI pathfinding reduces the time-consuming task of specifying detailed paths for entities.