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Ondulus NVG

Ondulus NVG

Ondulus NVG simulates physically-based night vision with a wide range of parameters.


Illuminate. Emulate. Operate.

Sensor vision is one of the most important advantages on today’s battlefield.

Building on the success of Ondulus Radar and Ondulus IR, Presagis has developed Ondulus NVG.

Ondulus NVG gives the ability to add realistic physics-based night-vision sensor simulation to your research, training or mission planning environments. In addition, complex composite and layered materials are supported.

Ondulus NVG supports both passive and active illumination sources with a user-defined power. Furthermore, active illumination can be sourced from any (external) location, i.e.: helicopter-mounted.

Ondulus NVG view with passive illumination

Ondulus NVG OTW view of the same scene.


Simulating both out-of-the-window (OTW) and night-vision-goggles (NVG) views, Ondulus NVG uses physics-based rendering, and boasts realistic, immersive effects:

  • Noise
  • Light Blooming
  • Vignetting
  • Black Spots

Giving users a high-degree of control, Ondulus NVG is equipped with many configurable parameters, including:

  • Light Amplification
  • NVG Color
  • Digital Zoom

Built on a modular, open architecture, simulation developers can easily replace default data with their own or even write their own GPU shaders.