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M&S Suite 17

New products, must-have enhancements, and increased functionality are just some of that 17 has in store for you so that you can do more – faster.

Our Modeling & Simulation Suite is Growing

For our newest release of M&S Suite 17, we focused very specifically on what our users were telling us; how we can help streamline their work, increase performance, and how our products can better work with one another. Of course, we also enhanced this release with some rich new features that will let your modeling and simulations achieve an even higher level of realism while simplifying the workflow.

In addition to the complement of software updates and enhancements, this year we also added four brand new products to the suite:

  • Ondulus NVG: The latest addition to the Ondulus family, Ondulus NVG lets customers use a highly-configurable night-vision goggles sensor simulator complete with active illumination, and sensor effects.

  • Terra Vista Builder: Meant for those who build projects, we created a very cost-effective version of Terra Vista that lets you build unlimited simultaneous projects at once, on as many machines as you like. When coupled with our new distributed rendering feature in Terra Vista, you will get a real sense of how this can impact your database builds.

  • Ondulus Radar Pro: All our radar modes are bundled into one cost-effective package. In addition to the four radar modes available in previous versions of Ondulus Radar, we are also including an additional new four modes.

  • 3D Models Library: Featuring over a thousand high-quality models, this new simulation-ready asset library offers a rich mixture of military and civilian vehicles, weapons, vegetation, buildings and accessories that will help build large realistic simulation environments.

Here are the new features and enhancements, listed per product:

New Features in Creator 17

  • FBX Export
  • Filleting
  • Join Edges
  • Construct Along Path
  • Scripting
  • OpenFlight API

New Features in Terra Vista 17

  • Road Flattening
  • Geolocalized OpenFlight Importer
  • Enhanced Distributed Builds

New Features in Vega Prime 17

  • SilverLining 3D clouds
  • SpeedTree
  • Vega Prime Marine
  • VP Overlay
  • Vega Prime Sim
  • Vega Prime CDB

New Features in FlightSim 17

  • System Enhancements
  • Validation Enhancements
  • Integration Enhancements

New Features in HeliSim 17

  • System Enhancements
  • Validation Enhancements
  • Integration Enhancements

We are proud to introduce the newest member to the Ondulus family: Ondulus NVG

Ondulus NVG gives the ability to add realistic physics-based night-vision sensor simulation to your research, training or mission planning environments. In addition, complex composite and layered materials are supported.

New Features in Ondulus IR 17

  • New Photon Detector
  • New Thermal Detector
  • Configurable Attributes
  • Subsystem Controls

New Features in Ondulus Radar 17

Four new radar modes:

  • TWS ( Track While Scan)
  • GMTI (Moving Target Indicator)
  • DBS (Doppler Beam Sharpening)
  • STT (STT)

New Features in STAGE 17

  • New Ground Vehicle Platform
  • Countermeasure launch
  • Flare maneuver
  • Damage levels
  • SIM wait time
  • Enhanced API for nCOM
  • Common header format
  • Weapons information
  • New scenario with large number entities

Presagis Maintenance

Support, online training, product enhancements, and Customer Portal access are just some of the benefits of Presagis Maintenance.